I received a package today!!
It's been so long since I did a "look what I got" kind of post! So here it is! :D

Today I received a package from Slovakia~
Let's see what it is~

Sneek peek on bottom right xD

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Special thanks to hebilea for the badge claim + pick up of some PC JPN stuff (:

Thank you for looking through the post!

Rare Zorua & Oshawott Sales!

Hiya everyone! Long time no see! (I feel like I always say that, haha)

I'm here today to sell a couple of rare(??) gen 5 items: Tomy talking Zorua plush (Japanese version; not sure if there even was an English release), Tomy Shiny Oshawott plush, and potentially 2012 Pokecen Sleeping Oshawott jumbo plush!

Sales rules and details as well as prices are under the cut! Here's a tiny preview to grab your attention, though. <3

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Thanks for looking!


Hi everyone! Just dropping by to repost my sales. I've sold a number of items in the past couple of months, but I still have several interesting things left ^^

No new gets since my last post, but the Takara Tomy Koharu's Eevee plush is now on my wish list.

I personally don't like the pattern used for her face, but hopefully the plush will look better in person or at least be made of nice soft material. I've been waiting for Takara Tomy to release a plush of Koharu's Eevee since they did this with Lillie's Alolan Vulpix, so my expectations were pretty high if it were to ever happen xD

Is anyone else getting this plush? What are your thoughts on it?

Hope you all have a wonderful day, thanks for reading!
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Sales plug~

Hope things are going well for everyone! I'll be getting my 2nd dose of vaccination soon :3 In the meanwhile, still got plenty of pokes looking for new homes!

Item highlights:

Click here or the image below to go to my sales page!

Splash's PokeSales post! )