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04 July 2016 @ 12:15 pm
Hiya! This is a kinda big multipurpose post with each section having its own cut.
I've decided to put up one of my Cyndaquils and It's Demo wallet/pouch up for auction, and I updated my sales with a bunch of new stuff. Still trying to weed things out! I was looking through my Cyndaquil items and kept running into duplicates so those are added to the sales. I also bought a set of the new Kuttari charms and was wondering if anyone would like to split? Flareon and Glaceon are available (more info and pics below)!

Auction preview

ClaimsCollapse )

Auction Rules and AuctionsCollapse )

Sales rulesCollapse )

SalesCollapse )

That's it! Hope everyone's having a great day!

Hello guys!

I have a clear Jirachi kid for sale and I thought someone here was looking for it, but Im not sure if im right and who it was...

These pictures are not mine, but im pretty sure its the same as mine (if you want me to delete the pictures, just say so).

Also, here is an auction reminder, I still have lots left of cool stuff to bid on!

Have a nice weekend guys!



Hello guys!

Soooo, I have bought quite too many from Buyee, and now I have some stuff I reaaaally love (I'll do a collection update later) and lots stuff which are so cool! But I need to sell it and do some auctions. New sales will follow in the next days.

For now, here is the auction!

Auction time!Collapse )

You can bid now! :)

Happy bidding!! :)


17 June 2016 @ 03:15 pm
Hi everyone! I recently obtained one of my grails, but I want to know if any of you have any remedies in cleaning marks and scruffs off figures? I remember someone in the community posted something like this before for cleaning zukan figures, but I can't seem to find the post. If anyone knows the best ways to clean your figures, please let me know!!!

*Here's the figure that needs cleaning*Collapse )
I must say, Hasbro really made awesome figures back then. I wish they still make more or do re-makes. I think the Houndoom was made in 2001 if I am not wrong, and unfortunate one of his legs broken off due to age (some of the nails are beginning to rust), but I was able to fix it thankfully so it can still move. Does anyone have the missing red missile piece that came with the figure and willing to sell it to me? It looks like this:
*Looking for the red missile piece*Collapse )

If anyone have a Secret Base Cyndaquil JPY version plush with all tags that they are willing to sell or trade, please let me know!!! I did buy it from an ebay seller but they did not honor the transaction and just refunded me the money without telling me why. She also told me days before she will be shipping it and she had issues printing out the shipping label. I guess that was all bs....

Here's my Wants list: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/20625215.html?thread=663236927#t663237439 If you have anything I am looking for, please free feel to contact me!

Please also check out my sales below! I have tons of items available to purchase! I also accept haggling :)

You will see:
*Bell plushies
*Suction cups
*Mega Bloks

Thank you for reading! Hope everyone will have a great weekend!
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Wobbuffet pokedoll auction ends tomorrow night at 10:00PM EST! No bids yet~
Also just wanted to let everyone know that bought from me that your items are going to be shipped on Monday.
Was just waiting on a few payments so I could send them al off in one trip. Thank you all!

Click the picture to be transported to the auction (and sales) it was all one post haha.


14 June 2016 @ 02:11 pm
First of all, I want to apologize for the huge mess in my other post for anyone that saw it. I was never officially banned from selling, there was just a big misunderstanding regarding my feedback, and I should have gotten that cleared up before I posted. So I'm sorry for that, and it has been cleared up, and here we are.
Anyway, I don't remember who all had committed to what, so if you would still like to buy please re-comment below.
Sales time~

info below the cut

Sales here!Collapse )

Wobbuffet pokedoll auction here!Collapse )
My feedback -> http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/bacentrekkes/

I was given permission to sell in pkmncollectors by entirelycliched on 2/11/2013

I mail out from within the US, and it will take up to eight days from when payment is received (Usually mail on wednesday and saturdays only)

Please be able to pay within 48 hours.

So, trying to get rid of a few things I have around here, so what better way than an auction, right?

This auction ends on June 13th - http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20160613T16&p0=25&msg=Bacent%27s+auction+thread&font=serif



ALL THREADS OPEN! If you have any questions, I dumbly made the comments/questions one on the end of the second page, sorry bout that!
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Hello again! Just a reminder that the Pokedex Rotom pokedoll auction ends in less than 48 hours! :D
Click the link for the ebay auction! There are more photos and info there ^^


Also! My June commissions are open and all 3 spots are still available!
Click the link to go to the original post~ :D


Thats all for now, thanks for reading~! :D
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06 June 2016 @ 09:54 am
Hello everyone!! So i've recently updated my sales and trades and ive decided to auction off 2 of my rarer gen 1 metals.. Gunmetal Eevee (the original style) and Pink Zapdos!!

both auctions start at $15.. end at 6 pm(eastern time) on friday the 10th(of june)


More PicsCollapse )

RulesCollapse )

Here are all the new goodies added to my sales
Pic!Collapse )

and here is my favorite goodie added to my trades ..bronze vaporeon! Blue is still the one I want the most but i'm willing to trade this lil beauty for gunmetal
Fish Fox Pics!Collapse )

sales/trades/wants link- http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/20436261.html
04 June 2016 @ 01:34 pm
Just a quick reminder than my auction for my Goomy Oops! Plush has one day left and will end on June 5th at 5PM EST .  It's still at the starting bid so if anyone is interested please take a look.


Have a good weekend everyone!
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21 May 2016 @ 10:16 pm
Quick reminder that my auctions end tomorrow! Almost everything is still at it's starting bid! All TCG items and one metal figure include the following Pokemon!

Click on the Pokemon to the post!

I've had this plush in my collection since it was released,but due to space constraints I have decided to make the tough decision and part with this one.  I have decided to auction it.

Condition is very good,has mainly just been used for display. Has seam tag,this plush never had a hangtag as it was part of a New Year's set. Shipping will be on the higher side as it must be shipped in a box. I will ship internationally but be aware it will be atleast $20+.

You can view my other sales info here:

Starting bid is $175.*
You can BIN at $200,once bidding starts this option is no longer available. These prices do not include shipping,please note. I can consider payment plans if need be,but would need it to be payed off within 4 months.

* Please bid in increments of $1 or more.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.
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19 May 2016 @ 10:28 am
Hey everyone.. just reminding you all that the auction for the silver metal monferno figure ends tomorrow!! Bid while you can

Link- http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/21228805.html

Up for bid are a few Pokemon TCGs that I have personally bought and immediately placed in a card sleeves and tucked away into storage. They should be as mint as possible. Also up for auction, a mint and shiny gold Pikachu metal figure.

Rules and CardsCollapse )
17 May 2016 @ 11:36 am
Hey everyone! Ive recently come across some metals I really want and I'd like to get some extra funds for them. .so im auctioning my silver Monferno Metal figure!! He is in beautiful condition.. auction starts at $15.. ends at 6 pm(eastern time) on friday the 20th (so 3 days) bid on him while you can!!

More Pics, Timer, Rules :DCollapse )
10 May 2016 @ 12:53 pm
Wedding planning is coming underway here, which will eventually lead to a house move (or I so very hope, god norcal housing market sucks so much), so I've started making bigger pushes to get plush lots out to new homes and make room!! Here are some eBay lots going on right now (click image to go):

Other items currently in my plush listings are subject to go into these lots next, so if there's something you're looking to get, secure them now before they're gone!

And Sales plug!!
Click here or the image below to go to my sales page!

Splash's PokeSales post! )
09 May 2016 @ 08:25 pm

I'm throwing all these figures into an Ebay lot next week so I'm offering them up individually this week.

This sales post only contains Gen 1 Pokemon. (There's two Pumpkaboo figures for sale but that's it for non-gen 1) Every Pokemon is named so you can Ctrl+F.

Forgot the countdown for the auctions!
They end on Friday at 10pm EST.

I was granted sales permission on 6/11/14 by allinia.
My feedback is here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/kidgengar/

RulesCollapse )

The goodsCollapse )

Auction rulesCollapse )

AuctionsCollapse )

Please let me set up auction threads before you comment! You may comment now.

I also have some very highly wanted things that I dunno if people have but I'll put them here anyways!

Diamond and Pearl generation metal figures

I'm SO close to getting all of Darkrai's metal figures from the D/P generation. I've seen the copper twice in some very over priced lots that never sold but didn't get relisted. @_@ The copper one pictured is the 2015 one (I've never even seen the gunmetal one) and the main difference can be seen in the position of the arms. Please let me know if you see/are willing to sell the copper or gunmetal figures!

Gengar Eraser Models

I only need one more Derpy Gengar eraser! That is, until some new color pops up but these are all the ones I know of. I would give half my soul for the blue one, pls.

Not pictured is the light blue one because it's still in package and stuffed away in a box I was too lazy to look through.
07 May 2016 @ 12:26 pm
Hey everyone! So, as many of you know or are experiencing, play asia is not sending out pre-orders for the eeveelution kororin plushes when they promised to and have no date as to when they will actually ship. I searched around for an alternative, and contacted former(or on hiatus) moderator allinia via her website Alluna Japan. For those looking for another source, she currently has the majority of the eeveelution kororin plushes up for 18.00, and will be putting up Leafeon/Glaceon soon. She may put up the DX eevee, but she has not told me yet if she can find any. Wanted to share this information with others affected by Play Asia, as its already hard to find the plush without inflated prices. T_T

Side notes: My Eevee Twinkle Dream Kuji auction is still going and will end just before midnight on the 10th. Check it out here.

Also, if your looking for new additions to your pokemon family, dont forget to check out Blues Adoption House for your next family member. =)
04 May 2016 @ 01:48 pm

Mid-week reminder for my anniversary auction that ends this Friday! Right now, almost no goods have bids on them (including the anniversary Celebi and Pikachu plush) and everything starts at $5 or less. Please click the banner or here to be transported to the auction.

All purchases that were paid for last week were mailed this weekend and should be arriving in their new homes very soon if they haven't already! Anyone who paid after Monday, I'm hoping to do a post office run tomorrow afternoon. Finally, I will be trying to catch up on feedback this weekend when I'm on a computer and not a mobile device. Have a wonderful week, trainers!
Hey everyone! Just a reminder my auction for the Eevee kuji ends on May 10th. Only 3 items have the starting bids, and the others have no bids at all! Come check it out, everything from the kuji is up for action! Happy bidding. =)

The Kuji is here.jpg

Eevee Twinkle Auction
01 May 2016 @ 07:11 pm

Hi everyone! All paid packages from the Eevee auction have been shipped and should be arriving in their new homes this week <3 With the conclusion of that auction comes the start of another! As I continue to weed out the bulk of my non-Wobbuffet collection, I'm presenting the community with themed auctions every week. This week, we have a 20th anniversary theme! There aren't as many items up for bidding this time around, but I still hope they'll find some wonderful homes. As with the last auction, everything starts at $5 with the exception of the figures which start at $1 each.

To look at the anniversary goodies I have available, and to read the rules, please follow the cut!

Anniversary goodies below!Collapse )

Please don't bid until this line is crossed out! Thank you! All threads are up! Thank you for looking!
29 April 2016 @ 01:50 pm
Hey everyone! My boxes of the kuji items arrived yesterday and I spent a lot of time checking them over, taking pictures, and making listings for all the items. Whats neat is that one of the boxes I bought came with the tickets and promotional material to advertise it! I am flattening one of the two posters out currently, and I may add them to the auction later for purchase. For now though, every available prize is up for bids until about midnight on May 10th. You can visit my auction page by clicking the preview picture below or clicking here. Happy bidding and good luck to all who bid!

The Kuji is here.jpg
29 April 2016 @ 10:03 am
Final reminder for the Exciting Eevee Event auction that ends tonight at 9 p.m. CST! There are still many Vees available at their starting bids or ones not far from it, and an Eevee kororin plush that has no bids at all! Some highlights include a Sylveon Poke Palre plush (currently at $7), a Glaceon canvas plush (currently at $7), a Glaceon Poke Doll (currently at $10), and a lot more. To view the auction, please click the banner or right here!

The next in my auction series will be a bunch of 20th anniversary goods, so I hope you'll stay tuned this weekend for those offerings!
27 April 2016 @ 12:08 pm

Hi all! Just a mid-week reminder for my Eeveelution auctions that are ending this Friday night. A couple of Vees still have no bids and several are at their starting bid or only have a few! These auctions include a PokePalre Sylveon, a JP Glaceon Poke Doll, a Glaceon canvas plush, many Eevee Time mascots, and more! To give these Vees a home, please click the banner or here!

This special auction includes some of the small prize items from the following two Ichiban Kuji: Eevee Twinkle Dream and Wa Modern Art!

All items are starting at around $4-6, with BIN prizes available! :3c

I ship from Hong Kong, and the estimated shipping+fees starts from ~$2.5 worldwide usually!
Ends at Monday (2nd May) 1PM, GMT+7. Countdown Timer below! (which is around Sunday midnight for the US peeps~)

Click to see photos of the items :3cCollapse )

And as always, feel free to combine any order with the items from my sales post!

If you're already bidding in the auctions, you can pay the stuff you've got from the sales post later to save some Paypal and shipping fees!

Lots of prices are reduced from last time, and I added some of the auction leftovers from last year into it ^u^/

24 April 2016 @ 04:56 pm

Hello again everyone! As I work on weeding my collection, I decided that I will start a series of weekly auctions starting today and lasting through the month of May or so. As you can see from the banner, this week's auction is all about Eevee and her wonderful evolutions! There are more than ten Eevee items available and they all start at just $5! To see the 'Vees who are waiting to be adopted, as well as to review my auction rules, please click on the cut!
Here there be Eevees!Collapse )

Please don't bid until this line is crossed out :) Eevees away! Happy bidding!
21 April 2016 @ 04:14 pm
I've decided to put my Shadow Lugia Pokedoll up for offers! Sold!

I've also added a few more items to my general sales post:

pkmncollectors sales permission was grandfathered in at the beginning.
Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/flag/

Shadow Lugia details and pictures under the cutCollapse )
18 April 2016 @ 07:14 pm
Hi guys (o^―^o)ノ

I was wondering if anyone could help me with some info on this Groudon pokedoll?
Auction picCollapse )
The photo is so blurry its so hard to see the tags ; n ;
I'm not sure of the correct year of the official tag just in case hes a bootie, i know to look at the pokeball icon and the front 'Pokedoll' letters.
So i was wondering if someone who ownes a legit Groudon pokedoll help me pretty please? :3

thanks guys ( ´ ▽ ` )
15 April 2016 @ 10:46 am
Hello Pokemon fanatics!
this is just a quick reminder that the auction for Rare Advanced Generation book with small poster and other flats will be ending TODAY at 8PM PDT!

I was granted sales permission on 4/5/14 by allinia. and my feedback is http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/haepbrosonearth/

You can check out the auction here or by this link (http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/21074637.html#comments) or byh clicking on any of these pictures below!

Here is a plug to my sales as well! I have cleaned some things~ you can click on the banner to be transported to my sales!

I will be shipping out everything tomorrow for those who have been waiting~ thank you for you patience!
Hello again everyone :)

I got another package shipped from Japan and of course, I was pretty excited to receive it! Even though my collecting has died down slightly as my collection has gotten pretty big, my enthusiasm hasn't waned one bit! Having said that, I'm excited to show you all what I got. I'm also selling off whatever I didn't want/need from the package, along with a few other things. Those are listed at the bottom of this post.

But first of all...the gets!!

Here we goCollapse )

And of course, I ordered some stuff that I realized I didn't need and so I'm selling them off here. As always, haggling is appreciated/welcome (as long as they're not lowball offers)!!
Sales!Collapse )

Anything in this sales post can be combined with everything else I have for sale here: http://dragonkid20.livejournal.com/1351.html

Please help me clear out some stuff! I really would like to get rid of as much as I can before I move out of college and back home exactly a month from today!

Last but not least, I'm auctioning off this super-rare Latios Soul Dew TOMY strap that was meant to commemorate the 5th Pokemon movie. This is my first auction ever so let's see how this goes!

Auction Rules:
-No sniping! Any competing bids placed within the last 5 minutes of the auction closing time will automatically extend it by 5 minutes.
-Please bid in increments of $1.

Good luck!

I'm going to start this at $20. I will close the auction at midnight next Saturday (in other words, 12:00 AM 4/23). I bought this about a few months ago but now decided/realized that I no longer want or need it.

Countdown timer here: http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20160423T00&p0=418&msg=Latios+Soul+Dew+Strap+Auction&font=cursive&csz=1

Whew! This was quite a lengthy post. Thanks for reading and have a nice day/afternoon/night!
14 April 2016 @ 05:32 pm

Reminder that I have a plush auction for this cutie! Follow the link here: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/21076356.html

And of course my regular sales: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/20953561.html

Thanks for looking! Have a great day!

Yes, after a lot of thinking, I have decided to auction my one of a kind Noivern plush. Details under the cut~
Auction InfoCollapse )

Also, lots of new items have been added for sale! Click to image below to be transported~
09 April 2016 @ 04:40 pm
Hey everyone! Just a heads up that my auction for a large gengar reversible is ending tomorrow! Along with a caterpie friends plush and an umbreon canvas plush in just a few hours!

Photo 2016-04-05, 9 47 05 PM.jpgPhoto 2016-04-05, 9 43 37 PM.jpg

Photo 2016-04-05, 9 41 59 PM.jpg

( Umbreon and Caterpie have been moved over to my flat sales ! )

Also a sales plugs http://manlysharpedo.livejournal.com/911.html#comments Prices reduced! ^o^

Thanks for looking! Cheers and have an awesome day! ^u^
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07 April 2016 @ 06:14 pm
grail.jpg Hello Everyone!! IMG_9103.JPG

I totally almost forgot to show you guys this big lot i posted the other day! It ends in about 4 days! Feel free to GA it or whatever you want! :D

Click the image to go!!

Please read the description as well! c:
Also my sales permission and such is here!

~ Thank you all for looking! <3
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Hello, hope everyone is doing well! I have recently taken a step back from Pokemon collecting, trying to get it under control because I was just collecting so much that my wallet really needed a break. That wasn't more apparent than when I bought something for one of my non-pokemon collections and realized I really need to sell some stuff to compensate for what I just spent. So I'm putting my Mirage Pichu up for auction.

Under the cut: rules, links, and a singing Pichu!Collapse )

Feel free to bid once the appropriate thread is up. Threads are up! Thanks for looking, and good luck!
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28 March 2016 @ 12:04 am
Just a quick reminder to say that my auctions will be ending in under 12 hours!
Just click on the link to got to them: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/20990732.html
Anything won can be combined with my sales post, which I've updated with a few new items! :)
I'm still waiting on a big box of goodies from SMJ to update my sales with, but this is what I've got for now! :)
I've finally gotten around to sorting out my auctions! :) I have two lots I plan to do, one for flat items, and one for non-flats. Since I'm still waiting for some stuff for the non-flats, I'll just do this one first! :)

rulesCollapse )
So without further ado, here are the items! :)
click for auctionsCollapse )
Anything from my auctions can be combined with stuff from my sales post, which I've just updated! Click on the link below to go to it! :)

Also I am in desperate need of a US middleman! Pokemoncenter.com has just released a legendary birds drinks bottle, and I need it in my collection! Here is a link to it: http://www.pokemoncenter.com/Articuno-Moltres-Zapdos-Eclipse-Travel/dp/B016NCEJT6?
It is 0.7 ounces so a quote for postage to UK would also be greatly appreciated! :) Thanks! ^-^

A reminder that there is less than 24 hours remaining for the Bulbasaur PlushPlush. There is currently no bids for this so don't miss your chance!

IMG_2187 (Custom).JPG
Please click the picture above to view the auction thread.

Also I have these two up for sale...

Let me know if there's anything that you're interested in!
19 March 2016 @ 06:09 pm
Hey everyone! Just a quick reminder that my auction for Christmas Pins ends in 5 hours!!! Make sure you don't miss your chance to bid on it!!!

Also, here is my regular sales. Tons of new items have been added, here's a small preview of the new additions. Tons more available in my Sales Post:

**You can click on any of the pictures above to be transported to my Sales!!!**

I am open to haggling and trades!!!

Have a good weekend everyone!
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This was something I didn't think I was ever going to get. I mostly just wanted it for Psyduck and Corsola, but am just as happy to have the complete set :D

Click the image for enlarged picture :)

Also, on top of reducing the price on most items that I've put up for sale so far, I have FINALLY put up the Bulbasaur PlushPlush for auction!

IMG_2187 (Custom).JPG
You can click the image to be transported to the auction thread that is part of my sales post.
Note: Sales post is image heavy. I have put the images behind spoiler tags and under cuts to help make things easier.