Still looking for some grails of mine

Looking for these two Eevee items! ❤️
-2019 Holiday Eevee Ornament
-2001 Tomy Pocket Monsters Eievui Christmas Nuigurumi

I missed out on the 2019 Eevee Ornament as it was released around the time I got married... 🥺 and the eevee plush has been a grail of mine for some time now and they unfortunately showed up on Japan Mercari while we were getting settled in our new home... 🥺 any help would greatly be appreciated! I will spend good money on either of these items! ❤️

Original teddiursa pokedoll

I know this is a bit of a long shot but I'm looking for the original teddiursa pokedoll. The prices on ebay are insane because I've seen them sell for around $60 this year. Is there a possibility I'm going to be able to find it for less than $100? I've checked mercari, depop, and yahoo japan and no one is selling it. Just ebay.

Still Looking for S/M McDonald's Grails

So mercadolivre won't or can't ship to the USA and therefore I am STILL looking for help procuring several of the McDonald's Brazilian toys, in this picture as follows:
The Komala, the Rotom, the Rowlet, the Litten, the Popplio and both Pikachu, the "zapping" ("Attack") and the "scampering".
That listing APPEARS to be for the complete display but I would prefer to get them individually for cheaper if I can lol...
Any help is, as always, greatly appreciated and thanks in advance!

Updated Sales Post


Hello everyone! Just dropping by to post about my sales update. I've added a couple of new items and crossed out whatever has sold recently. Come check out my stuff here:

It's been a long, uneventful year with not so many gets on my end. But I am looking forward to November, when the San-ei Female Eevee plush gets released. I am also very curious about what the Christmas promotion for this year might look like.

I hope you are all doing well and staying healthy. Thanks for reading.

Splitting its' demo Gengar Love sheets & stickers

Sales permission granted by areica96 on November 21, 2018.

My feedback

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I just got my Its' Demo order today and I'm thrilled to bits. I'm only interested in Mimikyu, so I'm splitting Pikachu, Gengar, Misdreavus, and Drifloon.

They're all $4 each. I can ship the stickers untracked as flats for free, but if you want them tracked, then they'll have to be shipped as 1st class packages. The sheets have to be shipped as packages too.

Gengar: available
Misdreavus: available
Pikachu: sold

Gengar: available
Misdreavus: available
Pikachu: sold
Drifloon: available
Pepsi sandshrew

Korean Eevee Wants

Hey everyone! Just thought I'd post some quick wants. I recently managed to snag the can badges from the tropical eevee friends promo since they restocked it on the korean pc as a bundle! Problem is.. they only included one random acrylic keychain in the bundle, and I didnt happen to get one I wanted. So, my hunt for them begins (again)!

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If anyone happens to be interested in extras, I sadly dont have sales permission here but I can pop one up on my ebay if youd like! I still have vaporeon, glaceon and leafeon left over.

Sales post: Pikachu Adventure & Mega Slowbro Plush

Sales permission granted by princess_snivy on 09/05/20
Feedback link

- All community rules apply
- First to dibs policy (payment must be made within 24 hours, backing out will result into a negative feedback and the item will be given to the next person)
- Prices aren't included of shipping and PayPal fees (PayPal fee is 4.4% of the item's price + shipping fee)
- I don't do holds but it can be discussed in a certain manner if committed
- I'm open to discussing payment plans or haggling but it depends on the value and quantity of the item/s
- I can give quotes upon request but it doesn't guarantee you a priority unless you're committed
- I only accept payments through PayPal (goods and services) which must always be in USD
- I'm located in the Phippines and I only use DHL Express for shipments worldwide (3-5 days ETA, 1-3 days handling time)
- No returns, I am not responsible for lost or damaged items in transit
- I have the right to refuse selling to someone if their actions are deemed inappropriate or it doesn't qualify the seller's standing
- My sales are cross-posted

For sale:
Pikachu Adventure Plush (new) - $20
Mega Slowbro Plush (creased paper tag) - $40

Thanks for stopping by, don't hesitate to ask me any if something interests you :)