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18 April 2018 @ 01:05 pm
does anybody know of a good korean proxy shipping service? 
18 April 2018 @ 11:40 am

Anyone selling this?
17 April 2018 @ 09:38 pm
Hi! I've been waiting for my final package to arrive before making a quick post. I got several new plush from multiple places, but since I'm short on time I'll only show three of them here.

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So here are my questions.

First is directed to any of you who maintain collection websites- where do you all get your backgrounds for your sites? Do you make them yourself or do you just leave backgrounds white/some other color? I'm currently undecided on what to do for my own backgrounds. I didn't really like using pictures as backgrounds on my site and recently reverted every page to white backgrounds. It looks much cleaner this way, but I also feel that it might be boring.

Second is about the recent 'back in stock' plush on the U.S. PC site, specifically the 22" Fennekin Plush. Does anyone know if this plush is different in any way from the 2013 release? (also, obviously late in mentioning this but it was a funny thing that happened- on the morning of release I initially saw this plush for nearly half of its actual price (actual price is $42.99)... I come home in the afternoon and saw that the price was fixed. I wonder if anyone was lucky enough to snag one of these for half the price lol).
17 April 2018 @ 11:05 pm

I want to buy these Pokémon cable figures but don’t know what they are called :/ let me know if anyone is selling them here. Don’t care which ones, I just need a few. Hoping the prevent me from bending my phone charging cable more, I always end up buying a ton of cables since I’m rough with them 😭

Hi guys! I got something really cool yesterday and I'm still stoked about it!

Ta-da~~~ The 12" TOMY Arcanine plushie!

I usually spend like $50+ for a plush *cough cough* friggin pokedolls *cough* but this is probably on the extreme edge of the cheaper end of the spectrum of how much money I can spend on plushies.

It's very well made, the fluffy parts are very soft and fluffy and I enjoy touching the floof very much.

I don't have the pokemon center Arcanine to compare this fire doggo to but it's probably very close in terms of quality, judging based on the pokemon center plushies I do own. The fabric on the body is probably less minky than the pokemon center plushies though but its still very soft. I do wish the face on this TOMY plush was a bit fatter though and his eyes are smaller than the pokemon center plushie's eyes.

Anyway, here's the PSA-ish part for all other Australian collectors on this site. I already posted this to my Instagram so peeps following me there probably already saw this haha. EBgames is selling a few select TOMY plushies like this Arcanine for $9. They have their 12" Gengar, Dratini, Alolan Raichu (which I also need to get), Rotomdex, Ninetales and of course, Arcanine for sale! I think they're going pretty fast, there was only one Arcanine (which I took heheh) and one Rotomdex at my local store. But the clerk at that store told me they were getting new stock in next week from their warehouse so I will be going back next week to get my Raichu!
17 April 2018 @ 06:55 pm
Hey all! I got an interesting pokedoll in. It’s a 2005 Japanese pikachu pokedoll but the seller says they bought it at E3. It also has a little button on it. Very odd! Does anyone have any info on this? Were these sold at E3 recently or back in the day (2005)? Or is this just a normal pokedoll with a pin? Lol

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Thanks for helping/looking! :)
Hi all! Just like my title says. I have these new adjustable velcro caps I'm looking to sell for $17 EACH shipped within the US. I'm also buying Regigas and Heatran codes from the Pokemon newsletter for $6 EACH.
Granted sales permission by denkimouse 6/7/2011


Here's something interesting.

Weeks ago, I bought the Rowlet 3-pack figures because someone mentioned them, and I wanted to auction them off to people here at a not-crazy price.

Well it turns out, my ToysRUs has been getting stock from some of their warehouses in the big closing, and right now they have a few more of them!

Is anyone really wanting them? I'm game for pickups. I'm willing to get another one or two if people really want. (in fact, I saw that one sold on ebay for $57 with nine bids! I'm NOT going to do that to you all.)

For months I have been amassing Pokemon things for a future auction here for those who want to buy them. I'm soon going to be having a mini auction so I can learn the Paypal fees system since I've never been on the recieving end of Paypal before, I've only ever given to others. Once I do that, I'm going to put more for auction in bits at a time, so I don't get too overwhelmed.


Here's a question though:  I use a household Paypal, which is primarily used by my mother, and it has been floated around that I should get my own.

...but this has been a point of fear and worry for me for years. Years ago when I joined this site, I never wanted to use Paypal, because of things I'v'e read about people's very unpleasant and unfair run-ins and issues with them. (fitting, the site is called Paypal sucks) One particular comment that stuck out was someone who I believe got their bank account wiped by Paypal, since you have to link it to a bank account. That got me quite paranoid about the idea of linking Paypal to my own. I don't know if this is a thing that happens, but I'm somewhat hesitant to set accounts and things anyway. Me paranoid sometimes.

My question is, has anyone here had super unpleasant or bad experiences with Paypal? Is what I'm worried about pretty much a fluke? I believe I've read that people have tried to contest issues where they felt were wronged or cheated in, and nothing came of it, or worse. (it's been a long time since reading these.) But you guys are the experts, what do you say? What's the biggest dangers?

17 April 2018 @ 03:01 pm
Hello! Does anyone have/know of a drifloon cushion for sale? Here's a pic for reference. Thank you for your help!

17 April 2018 @ 02:36 pm

Hello all!

I am opening up commissions for April/May! Estimated completion time is 2 weeks (if I have fabric readily available) or 4 weeks if I have to order some.

First off I have a Growlithe that was abandoned by the commissioner halfway through. You can BIN Growlithe: $50 Shipped USA or  $62 Shipped International

Slot 1:

Slot 2:


17 April 2018 @ 02:49 pm


So I realize I don't post a terrible lot here, but I figured I'd share this little surprise at least. Ebay is not normally a source of fun discoveries these days, but sometimes it does still happen.

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Thanks for reading!

16 April 2018 @ 08:30 pm
Hi, everybody!

I'm looking for the old style flareon and jolteon pokedolls (preference to flareon) with hang tags (Any tag version is fine) and I was hoping someone might want to trade one for this glaceon pokedoll?

Biodew28 info:
-Granted sales permission by entirelycliched on 7/27/13
-Feedback http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/biodew28/
-I ship from CA, USA
-preference to USA traders
-Tag protection upon request

Thanks for looking!
16 April 2018 @ 06:56 pm

Hiya! Just a few things I'm looking for

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16 April 2018 @ 06:55 pm

Just need to make the pants and shoes im also getting a super hero style Silvally mask (cause the mascot head is really hot and my current meds make me super susceptible to fainting do to heat) 
16 April 2018 @ 05:15 pm

Ahhhhh my spring swap gift came today, now that I've stopped freaking out LET ME SHOW YOU WHAT I GOT!!

SHEEPCollapse )
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16 April 2018 @ 03:00 pm
Hello all, I LOVE all these SSS posts! Hopefully I can jump on that bandwagon next year ;~;

Just wanted to give anyone looking at the Pokemon Center Umbreon Gallery figure a little heads up. I ordered Umbreon and Growlithe last week. They arrived today and I was SO very excited to unbox them, but then I actually got Umbreon out of the package.. :C Pretty saddened to say I'm a bit disappointed with it! The rings around Umbreon's dark pulse attack appear to be almost randomly glued on and are really janky looking. I mean, here is the stock photo on the Pokecen website:

Aaaand here's MY Umbreon:Collapse )
16 April 2018 @ 10:16 pm
Hey people, this saturday my first ever sss gift arrived and it's from pikabulbachu!

SSSCollapse )
16 April 2018 @ 03:41 pm

Sales under the cut. ^^
Added new figures and plush! <3
Cleared out sold items.
**Feel free to offer lower prices for anything older.



16 April 2018 @ 03:30 pm

A few items up for grabs. Need some quick cash so feel free to make an offer. These items will be posted elsewhere in about a weeks time so grab em now!

I am in Canada so shipping to the US starts at 7.5 USD
Minimum purchase $10

RulesCollapse )


More items!Collapse )

Thanks for taking a look!

16 April 2018 @ 03:50 pm
Hi everyone.
I got a notice today that a parcel was ready to be picked up. The only problem is that I did not order anything ^^’

Read more...Collapse )

It’s super cute but I never ordered this item and now I am super confused O_O is it from someone from the community?

It comes from Japan, and was shipped on April 10th that’s all I know!

MORE INFO* The way the plushie is store in a plastic bag with a bar code on it makes me believe it's from a seller, from eBay maybe? Other than the plush and plastic bag, there was nothing else inside.
16 April 2018 @ 01:18 pm
Hey guys!
I was wondering, anyone in Japan and saw or got the new Lugia pokemon center plush, I know it's a re-release, but I was wondering how it compared to the 2015 in material wise.
Is it softer? the same?
I'm trying to decide if it is better to buy this re-release or just the US centers one.
To me from pictures, it LOOKS more...fuller/fatter? and possibly softer than the original one.

So I'm trying to see if anyone can help me!

And if you are doing pickups, how much would the Lugia be shipped to 48133 US?

secondly, I got the towels in!!

sales permission granted on Jan 2, 2011 by denkimouse

I ship from MI USA
I will ship internationally, just know it is expensive (starts at $14) and can't be tracked.
Shipping is NOT included unless it says so

The new pokemon center Lucario - $32
I just got this....He is extremely soft, and cute. But just not right for me (though the softness and his head aura feelers were the only thing making me kinda want to keep him. I love the floppyness of his feelers lol) just trying to get back what I paid for him

Mimikyu - $10

Pikachu - $10

Mix lot - $60

Genesect Lot - $50 (red pokedoll tag is attached. purple pokedoll tag is deattched and has some bent damage. will show photos on request)
Hey guys, is anyone talking claim requests for the Joltik Gallery Figure?

I really, really love the way how it looks, and I want to support more of the line up with Unova Pokemon.

So if anyone knows, please comment or send me a PM, thank you and don't get trapped in ice!
16 April 2018 @ 03:04 pm
Hello again everyone!

I had never even seen this Mewtwo set,
as soon as I clocked it I had to get it!
The coolest Mewtwo figure I've ever had,
and I had the TFG figure.

I've been playing Platinum for the first time,
it's magic!
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15 April 2018 @ 11:23 pm
Hey all! I’ve updated my sales, lowered prices, and added some items for offers!


Items for offers:

All items are on my sales page! Please click the pictures to be transported!

*sales permission given by allinia on March 2013*
15 April 2018 @ 08:03 pm
i'm so sorry i'm not very active here. i'm usually more on discord & instagram than anywhere else lol
i thought it was about time to do a collection update
although there are still things on the way, i'll still show off what i got!!
update time~Collapse )

I know I've been posting around here a bit but since my first introduction post got yanked by livejournal + I kept getting a glut of items I held off making an intro post.
However a ton of the stuff I was waiting on got delivered so I can finally make a round up of recent   gets and show of my collection~

My name is Mandy and I joined pkmncollectors like...months ago? I've always picked up Pokemon merch I liked over the years but I got serious about it around the middle of 2017. I started off collecting Sylveon items but I realized that they  release wwaaayyy too much eeveelution stuff for me to catch up to (I also don't like getting into bid wars and paying almost x3 the price for  an item that came out a year ago *cough**cough*), so my main collection is now Bewear and Stufful whom I love dearly <3
I'm trying to collect every single flat, plush, anything and everything with these cute bears on them even if I'll never have enough space for it lol. Below the cut is a ton of stuff I recently got and photos of my collection.

Read more...Collapse )

And that's it! I'm super jealous of you all who have enough space to actually display your collections :(. I'm really glad there's an entire community for everyone to share their fun pokemon collections <3

15 April 2018 @ 02:16 pm
I have updated my shop a bit with some new stickers
Come check it out

15 April 2018 @ 10:04 am
Well a grail popped up and I’m selling some of my main collection off to see if I could get it.

Click to find or more info:Collapse )

Da goodies ❤️
Onto the goodies!Collapse )
Good morning! Yesterday I received a super amazing and generous SSS package from duskdaemon ;-; and some gets that can go along with the gift arrived too!


SSS 2018!Collapse )

Gets!Collapse )

That's all for now! I hope everyone is having a great weekend, and enjoying their Spring Swaps!!
15 April 2018 @ 09:43 am
Weeding some of my Pokemon Time charms from my collection because I don't really have a proper way of displaying so many.

Prices do not include shipping. All sales information can be viewed here: https://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/13646573.html

Raichu, Ampharos & Flygon (Charm Only)- $7 each

Flygon: SOLD
Raichu: SOLD

Please comment here or in main sales post if interested! These can be combined with anything else in my other sales posts:

Note: If you PM me, please make sure your messages are enabled or I cannot respond to you. :c
Current Location: Bristow,VA
15 April 2018 @ 11:34 am

Hello you guys!!!

Hope you guys are enjoying your SSS gifts!!! Mine just arrived on Friday, but couldn't get to post this until now due to being incredibly busy (+ editing photos, lighting is really bad, so I apologize for the not so well edited photos in advance), so now it's time to show off mine! :D

Camellia: WHOA, has it really been a year already???
Me: Looks like it...let's open it!!

Cut to SSS! Careful, image heavy!!Collapse )

Hope everybody else had a wonderful SSS like I did! Thanks for reading and have a lovely spring everyone! <333

Hi guys! Just a quick reminder for the April Auction & Sales that is due to end on Tuesday! It's got limited edition Jollibee figures as well as a lot of plushes! Do check it out!

Click here or the pics below to get transported.

Thanks and hope you all had a great weekend!
14 April 2018 @ 09:02 pm

Pokémon and Moleskine have partnered up, offering five Limited Edition Pokémon Notebooks, including a Limited Edition Collector's Box (seen in the middle of this image) with only 9999 editions available. Find these notebook here: https://us.moleskine.com/en/limited-editions/pok%C3%A9mon/020215-2

download (4).jpg
Pokémon Limited Edition Collector’s Box

Be ready to catch it, tame it and train it, wherever you are with this numbered Pokémon Limited Edition Collector’s Box. With only 9999 editions available, this collector’s box makes the ideal gift for fans of the popular franchise, with Poké Ball-inspired red, white and black graphics for the most serious Pokémon trainers.

Pokémon Limited Edition Notebook - Pikachu

The lovable Pikachu – Pokémon mascot and one of the game’s most iconic characters – features on the cover of this large Pokémon Limited Edition Notebook. The classic black cover shows a sleepy Pikachu with its Raichu evolution rearing up in the background, along with its distinctive lightening-shaped tail. Inspiration can strike at any time, and the ruled pages of this notebook are the ideal spot to capture it.

Pokémon Limited Edition Notebook - Charizard

Catch ideas and watch them evolve on the ruled pages of this large Pokémon Limited Edition Notebook. The cover features the fiery Charmander and the shadow of its Charizard evolution against a classic black background. Set your imagination ablaze and get ready to capture inspiration wherever it strikes.

Pokémon Limited Edition Notebook - Jigglypuff

Don’t let any ideas get away! Catch them all on the pages of this Limited Edition Pokémon Notebook which features the cute, round Jigglypuff. This pocket-sized pocket monster has ruled pages that provide the perfect space to capture your thoughts, observations and creative game strategy.

Pokémon Limited Edition Notebook - Snorlax

Capture inspiration wherever it strikes! Make sure that no ideas get away by noting them down straight away on the ruled pages of this pocket-sized pocket monster featuring a very sleepy Snorlax. Awaken your creativity and fill each page to bursting with thoughts and reflections.
14 April 2018 @ 09:44 pm
Hello everyone! <3 You'll have to forgive me in advance for the lack of photostory in this post; once I realized what the package was, I just started tearing through it without thinking! XD

It's Christmas in April!Collapse )
14 April 2018 @ 09:27 pm

Hi hello! I'm new here! I really started looking into this community about a month or so ago, and finally decided to join! I haven't gotten around to posting due to college and all that, but now that I have a little time, I wanna show off what I have! Here's my stuff (granted I didn't forget anything) under the cut! ((It's super picture heavy just as a heads up!))

Read more...Collapse )
14 April 2018 @ 04:52 pm
I have two Eevee plushes coming in mail today, they're quite special and I'd like to share with the community:

First is a 9 inches tall (not including ears) Eevee with camera! I've never seen it before, and I'm so glad that I was able to obtain it. It's made of soft minky, the mane and tail tip are extra soft.
Read more...Collapse )
It says "EOS M" on one side of the tush tag and has copyright information on the other side. The other tag has Thai words that I'm not able to read. There're also stickers on the plastic package it came with, saying this plush was made in Thailand by Canon Singapore company and imported into Taiwan. I tried a Google search but didn't find any information about this plush, I guess it was made for promotional use with the Canon EOS M series camera.

Now onto the second plush: a crane machine Eevee plush.
I saw it among some other obviously bootleg so-called Chinese crane machine plushes, but this one had copyright information on the hang tag, and it looked well made to me. So I decided to give it a try. It's about 12 inches tall not including ears, the fabric is smooth, and the quality is good. There're actually three sizes to choose from, the mascot size, normal size (the one I bought) and a 50cm giant one. Shipping the giant one to the US would be super expensive so I gave up on it :(
Read more...Collapse )
Oh and I'd also like to share the Ensky Eeveelution puzzle that I finished today:
Read more...Collapse )

Thanks for reading and have a nice weekend :)
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14 April 2018 @ 06:48 pm

Hey guys! I've been looking at all the SSS entries here and having a blast! It sure looks like fun! ovo I look forward to entering one when I have the opportunity.

That said, onto my questions!

Does anyone know what these fluffy plush are called, how expensive they are, and whether they’re official or not? I’d assume they are because of the quality, but there’s no harm in asking!


Thanks in advance!

Also, I finally did end up buying the standing I love eevee jolteon, vaporeon and flareon, so expect pictures of those guys soon! ^^

Second question! How common is it to see bootlegs in Yahoo!Japan? Does it generally reflect in the seller's feedback if the items are not legitimate? I'd assume so, but I'm always just a little bit paranid abut getting bootlegged merch ^^"

And finally, I wanted to ask if there's anyone who does pickups for the pokemon with you! Tin can badges? I've been kinda interested on grabbing a lucario one, although I'm not sure if I will just yet.

That would be all! Thanks in advance, and I hope you're all having a good weekend!

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Hello all! Following up the SSS post with a review of the Pokemon Meets Karel Capek tea bags!

It's tasting time!Collapse )

I'll be posting future reviews and photo posts on my collection site, Sea of Dreams.
14 April 2018 @ 09:51 pm
My SSS arrived, woohoo! Let's get straight to it ^w^
YAY!Collapse )


I also Have a question about this umbreon:

UmbreonCollapse )

Thanks for reading ^^