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Big ISO/WANTS for Christmas Presents

Oh my goodness, it's been a long time since I've lurked in this wonderful community. I hope everyone's doing well with all the crazyness that's going on in the world and I hope everyone is safe and healthy. Myself, I've been very sick (unrelated) but they finally found the cause of what this recurring sickness it and it was because I had a bunch of gallbladder stones! I just got operated last week and am recovering, just as a second lockdown is looming in my city.

This community has always been able to help me in the past and I'm going to ask for your help again before I resort to eBay and other outrageous places to buy these. My sister desperately wants a Snom (regular sized Pokemon Centre one not the Sanei nor the giant one) and the newer Blastoise Pokedoll (Japan or American is fine but I think she prefers Japan). She's been wanting the Blastoise forever and even checked 3 or 4 different Pokemon Centres for it but it was sold out.  I figured with COVID, I better start shopping now.

I'm also looking for a Snom plush so ideally if someone had two they're willing to part with, that'd be great. I would prefer to buy everything from the same person but I also realize that what I'm looking for might not be that common.

I'm in Canada and I know that shipping from the US has increased dramatically so on the off chance that someone in Canada has all these crazy requirements...that's be perfect. Show me what you got! I'm open to trades as well but I really don't have much, I've been weeding my collection down for years so there's not much left.

TL;DR Looking for (ideally) 2 Snom plushes (with tags) and 1 newer Blastoise Pokedoll for Christmas presents!

Trades can be found here

Feedback can be found here
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2013 tomy posable mewtwo plush: a refurb story


one of the most pricey mewtwo plush on the market right now (at least the american and european market) is the tomy 2013 posable mewtwo. i'm not sure exactly why? but i've seen it listed for upwards of 300$ usd. and wow owch. so when i saw one from a US seller that was going for a fraction of that amount, i nabbed it. 

the photo they lead with in the listing
the photo they lead with in the listing

the listing displayed that it had been mended once (around the tail) and the little neck hose was coming loose. but other than that it seemed like a great deal!

soon the mewtwo was stuffed in my mailbox, and i was hype hype hype.. until i opened the package

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...s'all i got. later collectors!

also ps: during chemotherapy someone (maybe from here?) sent me a box with a lot of wonderful mewtwo things in it, including the movie mewtwo and the pokedoll mewtwo. i absolutely forget who it was, though, because a -lot- was going on at that time and i was being fried to the eyeballs with poison and meds to mitigate the effects of poison. but if it was someone here, i just want to let you know THANK YOU. it meant so much to me. <3 i hope someday i can return the favor.

Recent gets and some numbers!

Hello, community ^_^

I hope everyone's doing well! Gets keep coming and I thought it's time for a little update. Check it out!

[Enter the lizard den]

Today's gets! Some more green lizard friends and few new blue frog friends! I am slipping to collecting Greninja...

I have been asked a few times how many Treecko plushies I have. So I finally took almost every plush in a single pile and counted them all! This pic doesn't have everything.

The current numbers are: 63 Treecko plushies, 1 Grovyle plush and 9 Sceptile plushies! So the grand total is 73 Treecko line plushies! My new goal is to hit 100 plushies one day!

Next I took all my figures and counted them as well.

The current numbers are: 55 Treeckos plus one not shown in the pic, 23 Grovyles plus one not shown in the pic and 48 Sceptiles plus 2 not shown in the picture. So the grand total is 130 Sceptile line figures! I'm a bit surprised myself.

I'm also pretty active on Instagram, doing some Pokémon photography. I will post there every day. Check out my page if you want ^^

I thinks that's about all this time! Thanks for reading and see you next time ^_^ Sceptile and Treecko hope you to stay safe!
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the mirage motherlode

hey collectors

so here's the thing... i really was not a fan of how guarded some people were about the source on their mirage plush!! after all, we all want the rare pokemon and we were all supposed to be sharing resources to get us there, right?

well. thanks to a friend studying chinese and ruten, let it be known.

just leave me a smaller sized mirage mewtwo, yeah?

ps, if the seller hasn't got the mirage you want, you might want to use these characters + the mandirin name of your pokemon (findable on bulbapedia) to search for it. 早期 <- meaning 'early' 


This is definitely going to be a long shot but I figure it won't hurt just in case there's some odd chance. I am on the hunt for a few TSUTAYA limited rental DVDs from 2007, 2009, and 2010. Pictures below:

If anyone happens to have any of these for sale or know someone who does, please let me know. Even if you aren't interested in selling, please contact me as I know several people who would like for these to be documented and ripped.

Thanks so much if you read this far! I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe.

A new massive grail has finally arrived

I haven’t posted in a while but that’s because I have been accumulating so many items to do a bigger and better collection update. But this... just couldn’t wait.

This is my newest addition to my Shiny Pokemon collection:

Aah! The 2005 Daisuki shiny lottery prize Magikarp! Never in my wildest dreams I thought that I would ever get one of these elusive Carps. I saw that jazon4441 also was able to obtain one not so long ago and big congrats to them also! ❤️

I got some other goodies in the shipping box He came in so for the people who are interested to see more, I will add some more goodies under the cut.
Thank you for your time!

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LF Halloween Pikachu Plush

Hi everyone, I'm looking for either of these plush so please let me know if you have 'em for sale! I know there's a few on eBay, but I only want to buy from North American sellers due to big delays with international shipping.