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Introduction Post

Heyo! My name is Starfy! Prior to making this lj account, I have been lurking around in this community a bit and finally decided a week ago to make the account and submit my application here. I'm beginning to collect some pokedolls, with my first one being of my favorite pokemon, Helioptile. I also do draw, which I may post on the respective post that allows for that. Thank you for your time, and I hope we can get along in this community!

(ps: one other thing about me is that I should be set to graduate with my bachelors in Rehabilitation Sciences in the spring of 2022!)

Introduction Post!

Well hiya! Nice to finally meet you all! I have been lurking in the community off and on since 2014 (Mainly being in awe at some of these amazing collections!), but honestly really haven't had much energy to start documenting my collection until recently. Please call me Erica or Erie! I am a 26 year old artist living in the USA with way too much love for Pokemon and even more love specifically for Manaphy where most of my collection revolves around. It all started off with a Jakks Pacific plush that I still have to this day!

I have a website for my collection if you would like too see it a bit more in depth <3 It's still very much a work in progress, however most of my collection has been posted to it.

Here is the link to my page: https://many-manaphy.weebly.com/

introduction post

Hi there! I go by the screen name buttercup and I am an Australian collector. Like most I'm not new to browsing the pkmncollectors board (I have been using it as a resource for pokemon merchandise information for years), but after joining late last year officially I have felt a bit nervous to actually post about myself/collection for the first time!

I primarily collect plush related to Skitty, Sylveon, Eevee, Alolan Vulpix, Alcremie and have a smaller side collection of Glaceon. Despite this I still do try collect any plush that I like the design for.

My last push to finally make my first post to this board was after a long search, finding the Cosplay Idol Pikachu plush in quiet good condition for what I felt was a good price. Definitely a happy day for me, and hopefully I will have successfully attached an image of it below! :D

 Thank you for taking the time reading my introduction, and I am sorry if the formatting of this post isn't 100%. I have read through all the rules and think I've come close but if it isn't please feel free to delete! Thanks again and I hope you all have a lovely day!

Introduction post

Hello! I'm Len/fireypony and I've been a long-time lurker here on pkmncollectors, and I officially joined back in late 2019 but never posted anything, so here we are. I love seeing people's collections and I was absolutely obsessed with the sunyshore website as a kid so I'm very excited to be here!

My collection is pretty small right now, but I mainly collect the Ponyta line as Rapidash is my favourite Pokémon. I also pick up merch for the Vulpix, Fennekin and Eevee lines (moreso Vulpix than the others, just by chance of what pokemon merch I've run across in the wild) and have a fair amount of random Pokémon merch I've acquired over the years.

Hello There!

New member here, so I thought I'd give a brief intro.
I've been enjoying Pokémon since my childhood, but really only got into collecting when I got an interest in Team Magma and Maxie. Its nice to have a specific character/team to collect things for, and that's how I ended up finding this community, I really love seeing all of your collections!

I do want to take some proper photos, but as I'm currently waiting on some things to arrive, I'd rather wait for them to come first, so expect a collection post soon!

Does anyone else collect villain team merch? there's some really cool pieces I've been finding from the Pokemon Center events!

Anyways, nice to meet you all, and hopefully I will learn how to use Livejournal properly for this haha..


Shiny Snivy Pokelover Pokelover586

Introduction + Collection!

Hello! I am still relatively new to the community, so I wanted to create an introduction post and show my collection (which will hopefully grow even more!). I have been a huge fan of Pokemon since around 2007, with my first game being Pokemon Pearl. The franchise has given me much joy over the years, and since then, I have amassed a large collection of Pokemon plushes, figures, trading cards, and of course, video games. I'm honestly amazed I never came across this community before now! 

Snivy is definitely my all-time favorite Pokemon. I fell in love with the little green snake the moment I saw it announced for Pokemon Black and White, my favorite games. I also love shiny hunting, especially in generations 3-5. Outside my life as a Poké-lover, I am a student at the University of Kansas School of Pharmacy studying for my PharmD (Doctor of Pharmacy). Anyhoo, here is my collection!

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Thanks for looking, and I look forward to seeing more collections!

Introduction Post!

Hi! I just joined this community so I wanted to make a quick intro post. I am a collector of video game merch in general including Pokémon! I don't have a big collection like a lot of the people here but I have items from many different lines/generations and a few specific sets I really like. 

I really enjoy looking for Pokémon plush and figures on Chinese marketplaces such as Taobao and Xianyu. Not a lot of rare or desired merch shows up, but there is a lot of more modern merch that shows up for cheap and affordable prices there. Additionally, limited sets like Groundbreakers and Third Set for TFG show up pretty regularly and you can get factory samples and prototypes as well thanks to China being home of most Pokémon merch production. I'll share some of the interesting stuff I have picked up here from time to time!

My main interests and sets I like include Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, Gen 3 merch, Pokémon TFG, Pokémon Kid/ Finger Puppets and prototype figures. I additionally also really like the unofficial bootleg "Olyfactory/Frontwinner/Onlyfactory" 12" plush but I won't talk about them too much on here.  

My favorite Pokémon is Breloom, but I don't specifically search or collect merch for it. I also love all 3 of the Gen 3 starters and their evolutionary lines.  Once I post here some more I plan on offering some of the items I find for sale so keep an eye out! Thanks so much for reading!

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I guess it's about time I introduced myself to the comm. My name is Bee, I'm from south america, more specifically paraguay. Sadly there isn't a big collector culture in  my country so finding plushies/items that aren't bootlegged is quite hard. ANYWAYS, i have a small collection, but i wanna focus mainly on beedrill line, swampert line, and hydreigon line, which i suppose will give my collection more focus and make it less eclectic. PS: would love to join the unofficial discord!

Introduction & Kanga-Collection

Hello! I've lurked in the community for a long time but I've decided to finally make an intro post and share my "formal" collection.
Being a child of the early 90's, I've been a huge fan of Pokémon ever since it launched in the United States. My favorite Pokémon have changed over time, and I've collected and lost many things over the years. I have a bachelor's degree in elementary school education, but currently I work as a freelance artist from home while my husband teaches high school biology and physical science.

My current and most longtime favorite Pokémon is Kangaskhan, but it was only a couple years ago when I started collecting Kangaskhan merchandise in earnest (everything but flats; there's just so very much of that I'm not prepared to tackle it yet). It's still relatively small, even though Kangaskhan sadly doesn't have a ton of merch, but I hope to start expanding my collection again soon! I like to casually collect a LOT Pokémon stuff in general, so this is why I refer to this collection as my "formal" one-- the one I actually keep track, and the most care, of.

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Hey! I joined the community a couple days ago so it would be a good idea to introduce myself. I go by the name Skippy online, I'm a 20 years old guy from Scotland. I've been obsessed with Pokemon and it's merchandise for as long as I can remember, I always end up coming back to it even if I lose interest for a bit.

I don't really have any specific types of items or characters I collect so far, I like pretty much everything. But as of writing this I'm very into the TCG and anything thats old, bonus points if it's obscure in my country lol. I look forward to seeing everyone elses collections and maybe taking part in some sales or trades! :^)