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Intro post + my tiny collection + wants

Hello friends i am a new poster to the live journal, but i am active on the discord. I collect the jynx line, the gothitelle line and starting to collect my others.

Im looking for anything related to jynx gothitelle and their evos + tsareena line (especially the ufo steenee plush) and wanting to start a pheromosa collection so if you have the pheromosa plush for sale please contact me!!Hello friends i am a new poster to the live journal, but i am active on the discord. I collect the jynx line, the gothitelle line and starting to collect my others.

Introduction! :D

Hi there! My name is Bramble and I collect Incineroar! I also collect Zeraora and a few other Pokemon but Incineroar is my main fave!

It's not much but here is my collection so far:

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I have a few figures and stickers as well, but plushes are my main collection. My goal is to one day commission a 1:1 plush of him as well as a Pokedoll! I'm also looking so forward to the amiibo coming out!
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re-introduction + updates

hey, y'all! i haven't made a post here in a long while (over a year wow) so i thought it was about time i made one again. i thought i'd re-introduce myself since, well, it's been a year & a lot has changed. so, hey! i'm chills, but please feel free to call me ethan! my username used to be "chillsmojo", but i changed it literally like an hour ago lool. i collect caterpie & lugia stuff, though i wish to collect more pokemon things soon! since i have a job, i'm sure i'll definitely be more active in the collecting scene which i'm super excited about!! :D

below the cut is some collection update pics!

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i'm gonna try harder to post more frequently to this site since i've been getting into collecting again! i forgot how fun it really is lmao. anyway, i hope you all have a nice day!!

Hello, Poke-people!

I'd like to introduce myself, I'm tiny_wai1ord. I've been interested in Pokemon ever since it came out, and I loved to collect Pokemon Hasbro and Jakks Pacific plush. Now, I'm collecting Pokemon Center plush- not for myself, but for my nephew with autism, with whom I share his Pokemon Center plush collecting adventure. Others' misunderstandings of his differences cause him a lot of distress in his home and school environments, but it seems like his "real" Pokemon friends provide him with a sense of security and safety. I really enjoy playing through the games with him (like the Let's Go! and 3DS entries), but the virtual world doesn't provide physical presence and tangibility that plush do. It is to help him that I joined this site by hopefully catching him some new "friends" from a place where Pokemon plush are appreciated. In summary, my goal isn't to "collect" per se, but to support someone who could really use the morale boost-- all without causing myself financial hardship as a self-supporting college student.

Before wrapping this intro up, I'd like to convey some facts about my nephew's interests within the world of Pokemon. Unsurprisingly, his first Pokemon plush was a Hasbro Pikachu. However, I think he's now focused solely on the US Pokemon Center plush. His favorite Pokemon include Mega Shiny Gardevoir, Raichu, Furret, and Swablu- all which he really likes from the games/ TV show and would really like plush toys of. With this in mind, I sincerely hope some member(s) on this site may be able to help me find them, and, in turn, help my nephew. Thank you all for reading this, and I look forward to being a part of this community!

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Hello Pkmncollectors :)

It's great to finally join this awesome community! 

My current main collecting interest is TFG figures. I have also collected quite a few zukans and Kaiyodo bottle caps. I was taken to here from google pics when I did my hunting, that's how I found out about this amazing place!

Below is a picture of part of my more recent collections!

I was actually wondering if people here ever saw a sneasel TFG pop up. It remains to be the only TFG figure that I have never seen (either my own or other people's collections) besides the Bulbapedia picture :(   

Thanks so much for reading!

First Post! Introduction, Current Collection, and Help Identifying a Plush

Hello! I hope I'm doing this right and everything works. Also why is there no spellcheck. Anyways. People call me Cerberus and I like to collect things. My two biggest interests right now are animals and Pokemon. I've been a fan of Pokemon since I was young. I would watch whatever season of the anime was on at the time and my first game was Red though I was playing years after it came out since I wasn’t born when it first came out. Ever since I was young it's always been at least a side interest so Pokemon has almost always been with me. My dad liked to collect things and my mom likes to hoard things and I got the best of both worlds so I've sorta been collecting since I was young too but recently I decided to get as serious as I can be with my limited amount of money, space, and want to not show up on that Hoarders tv show. Pokemon cards are easier to store so they'll probably make up most of my collection but I have a few plushies and hope to get more plus some figures too. My favorite Pokemon in no praticular order are Rockruff, Dusk Lycanroc, Midday Lycanroc, Midnight Lycanroc, Zacian, and Zamazenta and they'll be what I mainly collect- my main collection. I have a tumblr for my collections where you can find more photos of my stuff https://wolfpokemoncollection.tumblr.com and a tcgplayer account to keep track of all my trading cards http://store.tcgplayer.com/collection/view/890554. I also have a google doc of all of their merch I've found which you are free to look at and comment on though be warned that it's unorganized, image heavy, and has some personal notes on it: https://docs.google.com/document/d/14j_Qt4xjkU1WNDKDCa7mclNwbISTFUFoh75w0URIxDc I'm not going to post any trading cards here right now actually but here is my plush and some other stuff (warning non-pokemon stuff included):
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I can't identify this little guy.

He's about 3 inches and I got him when I was young I don't know what age though. It had to have been somewhere physical like a store or even a fast food place drive-thru. You can kinda see I cut off the booty tag at somepoint so no help there. He might not even be officially licensed in which case I apologise.

That's all for my first post. Thank you for reading!

Intro, Questions and a Want!

Hey, I'm Pam and this is my first post here! I adore plushies and now I finally have space to store them I'm looking to get into collecting them again.

I was totally oblivious to the existence of the "Fit" or "Sitting Cuties" line of plushies so as you can imagine, when I discovered that every single Gen 1 and Gen 2 Pokemon now has a plush... I went a bit overboard in my purchasing :P

I currently have 25 on their way from Japan, and that's just Gen 1, I plan to order some Gen 2 as well. Although unfortunately some of the Gen 1 ones I wanted were out of stock, does anyone know if they will restock? Or if there's any difference between the Japanese and US ones? I would like them all to be the same if possible :)

Also, I presume they will be doing Gen 3 and the others eventually? Is this confirmed?

And now for my want... It is the Paired Pikachu Celebrations: Good Fortune Pikachu plush which I believe is from 2017?

This one:

I recently saw it for ~7000¥ which I think is the lowest price I have seen for it, but I hesitated in buying it and it has now sold :(
If anyone is selling one or knows where I can get one, please let me know!

Well, that's all from me for now, I hope to be participating in this community a lot more in the future! :)

Intro + Showing Off My Collection + Possible Mirage?

Hello all! 

My name is Hound, and I've been collecting Pokemon for coming up on 10 years. Ironically I actually cleared out much of my collection last year due to me starting university, but it's allowed me to heavily streamline my collection, so it's not so bad. Primarily I collect Starly line items (Staraptor is my favourite Pokemon of all time!) but I've also got a whole bunch of other bits and bobs; I'm heavily considering starting to collect Wimpod/Golisopod pieces, as they're a close second after the Starly line. 

Without any further ado, photos of my collection under the cut! 

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Introduction Post

Hello everyone! I go by VerdantMew, but you are welcome to call me Verdant or any other variation of my username.

I am very excited to finally join this community after lurking on PKMNCollectors as an outsider for years. This forum is the very reason I developed an interest in collecting Pokémon paraphernalia as a hobby, and now I am far too deep into that passion to ever escape. It is all thanks to the members here that I am aware of even a fraction of the Pokemon merchandise available, and wow, there are so many obscure and fascinating items out there it blows me away. The more I discover, the more I enjoy this franchise's amazing community!

Regarding my collection, I have a soft spot (no pun intended) for plush from any era, ranging from the higher quality, more recent releases to the old and obscure, but I also love figures and cards. Tomy figures and those gorgeous statues from the short-lived Trading Figure Game are among my favorites. I do not have a lot of experience with flats beyond Pokémon cards, but I would like to purchase posters, setteis, and other art in the future.

My all-time favorite Pokémon is Mew (what gave it away?) because it was such a large and positive part of my childhood. I began teaching myself to draw because of my fascination with Mew's design, and I have never put down my pencil since! I am currently working on a website for my Mew collection to try to make information and pictures for some of the stranger items in my possession more accessible to fellow collectors. My second favorite is Leafeon, and among my other top choices are Eevee, Phanpy, Delphox, Bulbasaur, Xatu, and Porygon. I would like to delve into more robust collections for these, but for now, I am very happy with what I have.

Some pictures of my collection are below the cut!

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Thank you very much for bearing with me. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I hope to make new connections and friendships here, and I look forward to being an active member of the community. I hope you have a lovely day or night!