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13 April 2019 @ 10:24 pm
Hey everyone! I successfully transitioned to my temporary life in Japan, woohoo! But I'm super disappointed because while I was moving, Pokebox had a FOUR DAY pre-order window for some pretty amazing stamps. I don't know why the pre-order window was so short, but in summary, I missed the boat.

If anyone happened to pre-order the Snivy stamp and is willing to part with it, please let me know! I am willing to buy or trade depending on your wants.
(I can try hunting down something on your wants list in Japan that you would otherwise would have trouble obtaining, as long as it's equal in value! Doesn't just have to be Pokémon either, I go to lots of anime cafés, for example!)

Thank you in advance!

12 March 2018 @ 04:57 pm

I made a post a while ago looking for some small figures for a pokemon D&D campaign and I found some!

Special thanks to munchlaxregrets for comparing different figures against D&D bases! Although after talking it over with them none of the figures really worked for what I wanted/the price I wanted to pay.

But I've decided on figure/chibi stampers! They fit close to a 1 inch square which is what I needed

I bought 100+ on a lot on ebay and they came in the mail today!

Read more…Collapse )

So many of them!

Now I'm looking for any that you don't see in the picture! Especially looking for things where the evolution line is already started! Looking to find them for around $1-3 each preferably but may pay more especially for lines already started.

Here's a highlighted list of figures I have for better viewing

Read more…Collapse )

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09 March 2018 @ 02:07 pm
Hello community!

I got this cute foam stamp in the mail this week and have been struggling to find out much information about it. Does anyone know anything about this stamp series? I surely know that it is Tomy as I have seen similar stampers on Ebay or Mercari in their packaging.

I am particularly wanting to know what year these were released. I believe that it is around 2006-2010 because there are several similar looking stampers with gen 4 Pokémon.
(Also, does the stamper read something like "Happy New Year"? I translated the text and it seems to either be "Happy New Year" or "Congratulations" or maybe a mix of both?)

Update: The best date for the release is 2003, thanks to meroni and their research on the design! :)

If you have any Mareep I would love to know as well, like always! ^^

Thank you!
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Hello all,

It's been a while - I last used this site five years ago to sell 90% of my collection.

The rest of my collection has moved through 4 houses with me, and as I finish medical school it's time to sell the rest!

I have loads of Gen 1 Zukan and a few hundred figures, mostly Charizard/dragons/snakes. I also have a shadowless base set charizard (unlimited) in excellent condition. There are all sorts in here!

Due to limited time, I am selling in a few auction job lots. 

Auctions will end on Friday March 16th at 19.00 GMT (11.00 PST)

Happy bidding!

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24 November 2017 @ 10:06 pm
Hello everyone! I decided to let some more things go of my collection, so they´re up for sale! Please click the link to see more! Also I got so beautiful customs from our member poliwhirl, I wanna share with you! :D

Rules & SalesCollapse )

Custom gets!Collapse )

Thanks all for looking & have a nice day!
13 October 2017 @ 07:51 pm
hey everyone! come one come all to this sale of a whole buuuuunch of retsuden stamps because I have way too many!

Rules! Please read!Collapse )

stamps stamps stampsCollapse )
05 July 2017 @ 03:09 pm
Hi all :D

While I'm waiting for a few packages to arrive, I've decided to do some collection weeding. I'm not done collecting, but it's time to cut down on a few things. This is just the start of some much needed weeding for my Pokemon collection and non-Pokemon collections. I'm trying to rehome and clear as much as I can before mid/late August, so I'll be hosting auctions and sales periodically until then.

Today, I am auctioning off my Gen. 1 rubber stamps and a few retsuden stamps. My rules and pictures of the stamps can be found in the cuts below ^^

The auction will end Tuesday, July 11, at 8:00 PM EST/Detroit Time.
Countdown timer: >here<

EDIT: The auction is now over! Thank you to everyone for bidding! ^^ I will be giving everyone their totals will soon.
The threads for stamps that do not receive any bids will be frozen, but they will be put up for straight sale.

EDIT 2: All totals have been given. Thank you for your patience!! If I missed you, please let me know!

RulesCollapse )

StampsCollapse )

Anything from my auctions can be combined with my sales. My Pokemon sales can be found by clicking this link: http://kuro-kage-kun.livejournal.com/5281.html

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

Thank you for taking a look! Best of luck...
( ^ o^) /~ kuro

¡You Can Bid as Soon as the Thread You Want is Up! All Threads are Up! Bid Away!!

EDIT: I have to go to class now, but I'll be posting threads throughout class and when I get back. Thank you for your patience!
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04 May 2017 @ 02:39 pm
So I got my package in from chespin today, and it contained something I never thought I'd set eyes on: a bell plush.  I think it's safe to say that this plush was my grail for my Articuno collection, and I couldn't be happier!

Lookie!Collapse )

Also, the figures that came with this beautiful baby!
look at the chickensCollapse )

Thank you so much again chespin!!  I'm so happy I picked up these birdies from you <3
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20 June 2016 @ 07:34 pm
Hello everyone! It's been a while since I last posted so here are some of my most favorite recent gets, two grails included! A big sales update will be below, and some prices have been reduced as well.

The grail is a legit Cyndaquil Pokedoll with its tag!! The charms too! Fortunately the charms went up for sale again recently. The walky Cyndaquil, Mystery Dungeon Cyndaquil and coin are from the amazing peppermmints <3 I never realized the walky Cyndaquil plush actually looks like he's walking before seeing it in person. And the substitute Cyndaquils are too cute.

Touya and Touko Pokemonmate charms. Was finally able to get them!

I think that's about it for big gets, thank you for reading :)

Sales update and RulesCollapse )

SalesCollapse )
14 June 2016 @ 02:11 pm
First of all, I want to apologize for the huge mess in my other post for anyone that saw it. I was never officially banned from selling, there was just a big misunderstanding regarding my feedback, and I should have gotten that cleared up before I posted. So I'm sorry for that, and it has been cleared up, and here we are.
Anyway, I don't remember who all had committed to what, so if you would still like to buy please re-comment below.
Sales time~

info below the cut

Sales here!Collapse )

Wobbuffet pokedoll auction here!Collapse )
23 May 2016 @ 09:51 pm
Hi everyone! I finally received my lot of Twinkle Dream items and they are so beautiful in person! The towel and glasses especially *-* But since I bought the lot, I have some extras again. I've updated my sales with those items, and now I'm willing to accept reasonable haggling if you're buying more than one item. I'm putting my sales here, but I still have my permanent sales here as well. Also, I'd love to trade one of the kuji items (or anything else in the sales post really) for a new Espeon/Umbreon mirror, or the one with Jolteon on it! Thanks for reading!

This art is so nice

Sale rulesCollapse )

Sales!Collapse )
17 May 2016 @ 08:14 pm

Hey everybody, click my new banner to teleport to my wants page! See ya there!
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16 April 2016 @ 05:11 pm
Hello Everyone ^o^

I bought a lot of retsuden stamps, and since I know little to nothing about them, the extras are all up for auction. I also have a Deoxys Pokedoll charm for auction as well!

Here's a little preview ^^

RulesCollapse )

Stampy StampsCollapse )

Thanks for looking! If you have any questions or would like to see more pictures, feel free to ask ^v^

Please wait until this sentence is crossed out before bidding or commenting. Have at it!
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Hellooo everyone! How are you all doing? ^_^

First up...I would love to thank everyone of you who participated in my survey earlier this week! I got a whopping 65 respondants!! That is a LOT of data for me to work from and the results of it are very interesting to say the least! =D You have no idea how much I truly appreciate this fantastic turnout, you've all helped me in an immeasurable way! Thank you everyone, you've been fantastic as always! =D

So why am I posting again so soon? For Pokémon collecting reason of course! <3

I've had a rather exciting load of gets slowly hoarding together since my last gets post...and I think you'll all agree that even for me...this is quite a varied lot this time xD There's grails, theres oddities, theres the big gets and even the tiniest piece of merch I've ever had, hehe! <3

So without further ado, lets have a look at all these goodies, eh? =D
Warning!! SUPER Pic Heavy Under Here! xDCollapse )

Hopefully that wasn't too boring for you all! <3 A huge thank you again to everyone who contributed to this gets post! Where would my collections be without you all!? =D

Take care of yourselves and happy collecting! =3

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05 January 2016 @ 05:33 pm
With Christmas and New Year's over, the retailers are already getting ready for Valentine's Day. I, however, am still enjoying my Christmas and other winter gets. Plenty of the Litwick line ahead!

Ghost Flats.jpg

Click!Collapse )
16 October 2015 @ 04:07 pm
I'm looking to buy an Entei stamp, preferably one that's cheap! Don't have the money for any rare Retsuden, however I would like any of the non-rare ones! Shipped to the UK~

ALSO! I NEED URGENT HELP!!! My Entei has TURNED INTO A ANIME. Can someone give me any advice on how to fix this?! It makes me SICK just looking at it!!
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15 October 2015 @ 03:10 pm
Hello again friends! Long time no post. I took a couple month hiatus due to some school expenses, but I'm back now. :)

Today I'm looking to add to my collection. I've recently been overcome by an infatuation for silly pokemon-shaped dice. What can I say, small trinkety stuff is my weakness. From what I've seen, they only made Gen 1 pokemon, but please let me know if there are more!

I'm looking to spend about 4 or 5 dollars before shipping/pp fees for the normal ones or up to $10 shipped on the shiny/sparkley ones, or those with painted details. Obviously, the more you have, the more I can save on shipping! At this time I'm not interested in breaking up boxes...I'd feel bad about only keeping one or two of the dice and throwing the rest in an ebay lot.

Here's the catch though- I would like them to be the same color as the pokemon. (E.g. blue squirtle, orange charmander, yellow/beige abra etc.)

Also looking for a clear Froslass kid, kokeshi charm, any Froslass flats I don't own, and a Dragonair stamp like this one- not concerned with color:

Image credit goes to google images- let me know if it's yours and you'd like me to take it down.

And some Winona things:
Hoenn Clearfile
Japanese full art
Reverse holo Japanese trainer card
Gym badge card:

I'll also be updating a decently sized sales post (hopefully this weekend!), so look out for that! ;)
28 July 2015 @ 02:55 pm
I recently bought a large lot of chibi and pokeball roller stampers in the hopes if getting a dragonite so I come to you with the remaining 100 something stampers
the ones in the top left are the ones I decided to keep for myself
 photo babce369-1479-4ccc-a85a-b90b6d4cffdb_zpspghshzjt.jpg
click here or the picture to go to the sales, also most of the stamps for sale I tagged below

so this isn't just a sales post here's a little teaser of one of the items that should be arriving in the mail in the next few weeks
 photo c25ea5d4-963f-4e4d-a6a0-1e3518debc96_zps6hgv8jah.jpg
09 July 2015 @ 02:19 pm
Hello everyone!!

This has been a MAJOR LONG TIME NO SEE! I haven't posted on here in forever, probably in way over a year, and even then that was possibly my first post in about a year!

I'm here today with some huge collection weeding sales, of things I used to collect hardcore, but have been sat in storage for a long, long time with moving/etc and I would rather they go to a loving home!

I'm selling things such as:

  • My Riolu collection

  • Infernape items

  • Mamoswine items

  • Gible items

  • Pansage items

  • Liepard items

  • Axew line items

  • Ambipom items

  • Carnivine items

  • Kid figures

  • Tomy figures

  • AND MORE, including a movie theatre exclusive!

Terms and ConditionsCollapse )

AmbipomCollapse )

InfernapeCollapse )

CarnivineCollapse )GibleCollapse )

ArceusCollapse )

Drillbur and ExcadrillCollapse )

Purrloin and LiepardCollapse )

PansageCollapse )

Axew, Fraxure and HaxorusCollapse )

MamoswineCollapse )

RioluCollapse )

Kid figuresCollapse )

Misc itemsCollapse )Thank you all for reading!!

P.s. as I'm not hugely active on Livejournal, anyone who wants to still keep in touch from the comm can find me on Twitter where I am super active (@daveygranger)
27 April 2015 @ 01:36 am
My birthday was this past weekend, and I decided to pick up a little something for myself since I spent most of it working. Though my awesome coworker surprised me with cookie cake, so it wasn't all bad. ^^

Buildable Scyther figure.
(Image from cardwhale. Let me know if you'd like it removed!)

(Image from aarux. Let me know if you'd like it removed!)

This stamper, but with a green base like this Venusaur from thesunnyclearing.
(Image from aarux and pannsie. Let me know if you'd like it removed!)

Does anyone on the community happen to have any of these for sale? I'm located in USA, 30144.
07 December 2014 @ 10:48 pm
Hello! There's an auction with a big grail in it, so time for sales! :D I took entirely new pictures and added items from the last three lots I received from Y!J. If anyone remembers the clear kid lot I suggested turning into a GA, well, I failed to get that together so I bought the lot instead! There's also tons of regular kids, keychains, stamps, minicots, tiny figures, TOMYs, zukan, and more!

(Follow the fake cut to my sales post!)

Also, please do read the rules! I've added a few new ones, so even if you have bought stuff from me before it may be different!

Sales permission granted on dewott on May 17, 2013.
My feedback is here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/salamence646/
Hello, I come to you today with some new sales! I got these in a lot with vaporeon and thought maybe the community would want some! There are some eeveelutions in my sales post as well! Feel free to make offers on anything please!

Here is the link to my sales post
Here is a small preview of the new stuff!!


Here is my sales info!
Given sales permission by (allinia, (4/5/14)
16 October 2014 @ 01:44 pm
Hello all. Some of you may remember me as the Marill loving collector. A lot of you probably have no idea who I am because I'm not active like I used to be. I lurk a bit but don't post much. Today I come bearing sales of a cute little deer type Pokemon. I used to collect Deerling a lot but recently got new shelves for my collections and decided to cut out some of the little deers. I am the type that wants every Deerling of every color for eeeverrryything and it's just too much! So I kept my absolute favorite items and now have a good bunch of things to sell! Check it out under the cut!!!

o deerCollapse )

And that is that! Feel free to ask any questions and thanks so much for looking. I'll be doing a collection update in the near future since my entire collection appearance has changed recently (went from bookshelves to wall shelves). Look out for it if you like Marills! :3
26 September 2014 @ 02:20 pm
Hey guys! Sorry I don't post as much, nothing has been really going on with my collection (until recently but I want to get one more package before I do a collecton update/package opening) so yeah!

Anyways, I am looking for this stamp. It's super cute and I need it for my collection.

If any of you are willing to part with it, that would be lovely.<33
(Picture from the pkmncollectors wikia, will take down if requested by owner.)

Also, if you are a bunny collector i'd love to see your collection! I'll be moving on to Buneary and Bunnelby once I'm done with Lopunny.
22 August 2014 @ 11:43 pm

Updated Sales w/ New Items.

Sale's PoliciesCollapse )
Chocolate Egg Figures XYCollapse )
Lottery 2014 PrizesCollapse )
Misc ItemsCollapse )
TCG Cards (JPN Versions)Collapse )
New ItemsCollapse )

Sylveon Pan Offers Starts @ 5$ here. I can ship with or without bread.
Hawlucha Pan Offers Start @ 5$. Pictured is a closed wrapper. Yours will be open and bread removed for easy shipping.
All pan comes with the pan sticker, unopened.
Offers End @ Midnight Aug 24th JST. I have extra bread. 10$ each straight sale.

For anyone who is familar with stamping, specifically the 2012 Eevee Collection stamps! My Espeon was packed weirdly, and while I was unpacking boxes (read, patting my eevees and procrastinating by having an Eevee and Friend's tea party) because I finally have half my place furnished I found it and it's dried up. Has anyone ever refilled a stamp before with ink? I'm unfamilar with the process, but I was wondering if there's anything special I should do with the Eevee collection stamps. My Flareon stamp also could use more ink, because the line is very faint. My question was answered! Thanks! My Espeon now stamps again <3
21 August 2014 @ 06:23 pm
Many many things for sale. So many things. Omg.
50 plush! 35 stamps! 65 Kids! Many figures! Around 225 Amada stickers! Metal figures! & MORE! Something from every gen!
I put the names of everything (except the stamps) so you can search. You may have to search for multiple instances, since one character might show up in different places.

Little preview of select items.

Rules... READ THESE PLEASECollapse )
PlushCollapse )
StampsCollapse )
Figures & StrapsCollapse )
StickersCollapse )
OtherCollapse )
16 July 2014 @ 11:13 am
Added some new plush to my sales, and discounted old things.

I have a rare Poliwhirl ceramic mosquito coil holder, tons of Retsuden stamps, Pokecen plush, Pokemon Time Oddish & Mawile tins, Eevee Pokedoll figure, Duskull keychain plush, Snorlax MPC, Pracoro dice & more!
photo 1photo 2
photo 32014-06-02 10.52.49

Rules... READ THESE PLEASECollapse )
Stuff!Collapse )
02 June 2014 @ 01:13 pm
Lots of sales today, including 35 Retsuden stamps, Togepi Pokedoll, 2 mint bell plush, Pracoro dice, Trozei stickers, cheap plush, and more! If I have listed a crazy price, feel free to make an offer (but I might not accept!). The stuff isn't in any particular order... so be sure to look at all the pics :)

Please note I am going out soon. Will reply to you later in the afternoon! Be sure to indicate if you are committed!

Tiny preview:
june sales.jpg
Rules, deets & stuffsCollapse )
31 May 2014 @ 02:59 am
Hi everyone! My name is Hannah and I have been a member for a year now. I don't really post often (even though I should ^^), but I've been lurking almost everyday. I love reading everyone's posts and I often seek out awesome sales and group auctions! I'm currently 20 years old and I'm living in Canada. We just finished a long winter, pretty much skipped Spring and went into Summer! Haha!

My first Pokemon game was Pokemon Yellow, but my favourite game would be Emerald. That's why I'm so excited for Delta Emerald coming out soon! I also love all the Eeveelutions (come on everyone must have a favourite Eeveelution!!), Vulpix, Ninetales, Growlithe, Arcanine, Chikorita, Meganium, Latias, Chespin, Fennekin, Gardevoir, Milotic, and seriously I can't list them all....

I use to collect Eeveelution plush, Canvas plush and much more but I sold all my babies on Ebay a few months ago :'( I miss them, but its a way to start fresh! Here's some of them ^^ I keep pictures to remember them :P

past plush

Gets Preview

Oh and here are my recent gets! Click Click Click!Collapse )
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Hi everyone! I been trying to look for Bulbasaur and Chikorita Walky Plush for awhile and I couldn't find them anywhere >.< Is anyone willing to sell their Chikorita Walky Plush?

I missed out on +Poke Box+'s stamps and wondering if anyone has them in this picture because those are the ones I mainly would collect. I am also looking for other +Poke Box+ items, like the pencil case. If you have any, let me know! I am not interested in the charms thou.

*Clicky here for picture*Collapse )

I missed out on the opportunity to win this plush in an auction, if you have a Chikorita on sled and are willing to sell, please let me know!

I am located in Canada btw. Thanks for looking! :)
25 April 2014 @ 11:03 pm
This will be my clearance for all the flats except for cards and collections I own. Everything will have a starting price of $1. I am going to take offers, but I don't think they are worth much. So, feel free to make a thread to offer. Unless some turns out to be really popular to have a bunch of bids, I wouldn't mind just letting it go over the weekend. Shipping would also be $1 in envelopes unless you want a document/photo mailer which would cause some extra bucks which I don't think would worth. 'cause those stamps in plastic sleeves are made of paper board or have a paper board. Besides, the growlithe and unsealed pikachu stamps have already had many creases so it might as well to cut and keep them as singles.

Sales permission was granted by denkimouse on 01/28/2011
Feedback: New | Old

Click the image to get a full view of the stamps and stickers.

With all the snacks post floating around I figured I'd hit up the grocery store and see if I could find something!
The white chocolate pretzel sticks have a guess that Pokemon quiz on the back ft. Pumpkaboo. I thought maybe they included pan stickers, but when I opened one up they didn't >< the box is still cute though and the pretzels look yummy~
The seaweed packs are actually really adorable. They're cut outs of different Pokemon and you use them to make cute Japanese lunch boxes! The one I have features Chespin, Litleo, Pikachu's head, and Ampharos but there's in total about 40 diff Pokemon and I want another one that features Lucario.
The box with Sylveon, Eevee, and Fletchling is instant curry. Dunno if it's yummy but the box is cute ^w^
The mini gummies are my favorites, the art featuring eeveelutions is super cute with Espeon, Leafeon, and Sylveon all winking! Here's a close up since you can't really see the art.

Photo 2014-03-28 17 30 17
Also these stamps little rectangle stamps. They're simple, but I really like Meloetta and Dragonite <3
Photo 2014-03-27 11 29 18
I also found this awesome children's book that has a page featuring all the Eeveelutions and some others having a party with Sylveon xD
The book included a page of stickers that I couldn't resist so I grabbed this right away.
Photo 2014-03-28 15 38 52Photo 2014-03-28 15 38 10

Lastly, I have a question regarding this card if anyone has any info? Pretty clueless about cards, but I've been sort of wanting some nurse Joy stuff and this card is super cute, but expensive! ;-; I was wondering if it was just super rare/limited, or it was just because of nurse Joy's cuteness. ♡ ( `▽´ )Ψ
Seen a few trainer collectors and Team Rocket collections, but also wondering if there are any nurse Joy collectors?  ('o')

Current Location: Japan, Tokyo
Looking for a few cards illustrated by Yuka Morii (I'm referring to these: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Category:Illus._by_Yuka_Morii)
I'm thinking about starting a mini card collection of them since I really like interesting card art and weird/unique stuff like that.. (^^;;) I wonder if anyone has any or has heard of them before? ('o')a
These are the ones I'm interested in at the moment: Psyduck, Slowbro, Slowpoke, Dratini, Stunfisk, Shuckle, Steelix, Corsola, Phanpy, Mareep, Claydol, Piloswine, Chansey
I only have a few at the moment so I'm looking for any of the others as well. I prefer them to be in good condition, I mostly only care about the edges and bends.

I'm also looking for the following items. I live in Japan so it would be an international transaction.
Chibi Coro Stamps (Psyduck or Slowpoke), or other similar roller stamps. Other Pokemon would be fine too depending and I don't care about the condition since I want it for use not collecting.

Espeon flats like stickers or postcards ft. Espeon without other eeveelutions.
I feel a bit guilty asking the comm since I know they're floating around Japan (I just haven't found them yet), so maybe some stickers/postcards only released in other places like Korea or China would be cool? Either way, if anyone has any available for sale I'd love to take a look.

Can't find this anywhere, but I'd really like to get this little Espeon menko (pog?) (lower left) so if anyone has one or has info on it please lt me know. Thank you m(_ _)m
Current Location: Japan, Tokyo
Current Music: Kendrick Lamar
I come and have a quick wants of these Espeon cards. I would like to buy for no more than $5 each piece in great condition before shipping and fees ideally, but I have not done many researhes yet so I am not sure if my price range is reasonable or not. Let me know if you have any info and feel free to counter-offer, but I might also counter-offer back. So don't feel being offended. xD I would also open to trade if you willing to as well, let me know what is on your mind and see if I have any high priority or related and we could work the rest of the things out. Thank you guys and have a good night/day!

EDIT: For Retsuden collectors, in case no one has posted this before, there is a XY set coming out on late May, and it has the following:
Pikachu, Chespin, Fennekin, Froakie, Meowstic (girl), Inkay, Dedenne, Noivern, Xerneas, Yveltal, Mega Charizard X, Mega Mewtwo X, Mega Scizor, Mega Blaziken, Mega Gardevoir, Mega Absol, Mega Lucario, Mega Garchomp

Pretty cool, right? The AmiAmi is open for taking pre-order, and I can confirm they are great and you cannot beat their price. xD
06 December 2013 @ 09:39 pm
The purpose of this post is a combination of collection get, GA update, and sales post.

The majority of the stamps arrived safely in spite that some have either siginifant or negligible creases. This time the stamps mainly featured 251 Gen I and II Pokemon, with 280 different poses. The collection is incomplete and I am very interested in finding the rest of the stamp sheets.
Read more...Collapse )

Second, below are the stamps won by the GA participants.
Read more...Collapse )

Please let me know how you would like me to ship your stamp, bubble mailer or document mailer, with or without cardboard (bubble mailer option), with or without insurance ($2 extra). If it is shipped outside the U.S., there will be no insurance option for the default shipping method as First Class Mail. Registered Mail will cost around $14 and Priority Mail will cost double. All shipping methods get free tracking added.

Finally, I have two Suicune and three Lugia sheets remaining. Each one of them will be $5 for GA participants and $9 for non-participants before shipping and fees.
22 November 2013 @ 01:41 am
Hello comm! ^^

I've been ordering a lot from the community and on some of my packages I see personalized pokemon stamps that look super adorable! I know that Pokebox had some eeveelution ones, but I was curious, do you have to commission these, or are making the stamps yourself not that hard? (I'm pretty crafty so as long as I know what materials I need and the process of things I can pretty much do anything :) )

Also I'm currently looking for 3 plushies!
- Dragonite Pokedoll
- Dragonite 2005 Banpresto plush (edited!)
- Dratini plush from KFC

I'm not looking for these to be MWT or anything, I'd actually prefer them to be loved!

And as a side note, I'd love to take in any loved plushies that are unwanted or have damages to them! :)

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and beware the Black Friday craze! ^_^
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18 November 2013 @ 06:34 pm
I have 2 large bags full of stuff for sale!  Some of the things you can find include: old kids ('97-'99); tons of charms; a bunch of plush, including Pokedolls, UFO catchers, Eeveelus, and a Totodile Kutakuta; stamps, including Retsudens; Sylveon stuff & Eeveelu figures; metal figures ... and more!

Here's a preview pic of just a few of the things!

Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 6.43.37 PM

Go here to see all of the items!

18 November 2013 @ 03:50 pm
Hello comm!

A few days ago I saw an auction on yahoo!Japan with a lot of retsuden stamps and there was a Poochyena retsuden stamp on there! I didn't know there was any... Is there any website with ALL the retsuden stamps? And how much would it be worthy?

I want a Poochyena retsuden stamp but I don't have any idea about his price, could someone tell me around how much or sell it to me? Please ;3; Maybe someone from this community bought the lot and he/she doesn't want Poochy... Also I didn't find any photo of it on internet I only know it thanks to the lot...

And, if someone would have also the Poochyena metal tag I'd like to get it too or even clear kids :3 Btw, it would be shipped to Spain!

I'd prefer to make a trade with anything on my sales post or even to make an ART COMISSION (I'm still open to make anything!!). If not, just let me know your price!

Also, I guess this week I should get the Pokemon Time Clearfile GB and a lot from Japan with some kyun charas (Charizard, Eevee... lot) and Eeveelutions UFOs plushies so if you'd be interested on anything... ;)

Thank you very much!


My name is Sammi. On here I am known as Feraligroggles (and at one point years ago, I was known as just Groggles)
I am 23 years old, and I live in Virginia, in the USA.
I primarily collect Feraligatr! I have been collecting Feraligatr for 4 years roughly. (Although I started off as a Raichu collector, and still have my whole Raichu collection too.)
I also side collect Dunsparce, Camerupt, Cacnea, Exeggutor and Sandile. (sometimes I get Virizion things I like too!)
Here I am only showing my Feraligatr collection, because I don't currently have pictures of my other collections. (and here soon I hope to post a collection update anyway)

Anywho, I have been a member of the community for about 4 or 5 years now, and though I have recently been absent for a good 6 months or so, I still lurk and buy things now and then.

and without further adieu... my collection!

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feraligotorsales- knock out

1. I was granted sales permission by entirelycliched in May of 2012
2. I ship from the US to anywhere. However, shipping within the US starts at $3 for a small packet, and $6 international for a small packet.
3. I ship from a pet friendly but smoke-free home.
4. Paypal only please
5. Reasonable haggling is welcome!

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Auctions preview!!

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That's all, folks! Thanks for looking!

15 November 2013 @ 10:16 am
This post involves the members below:
Hiya! We have won this GA and this post serves for the announcement of payment 1 as well as for the ones of payment 2 and 3. I will keep it updated so please track this post by clicking the "push pin" button at the top of this post.

Below are the spreadsheet of the payment, total breakdown, invoice of the total, and link to the original auction.


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Link to the auction

Please send your payment to the address below. Choose "Goods" when you are sending your payment. Leave your username and what you just won in the note, NOT in the subject.

Payment 2 is out and due within one week

Spreadsheet with Payment 2 in BLUE fill

Payment 2 invoice