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Updates Sales 9/19

I updated my sales by lowering prices on a lot of stuff and adding some more stuff. I also will have a discount, anyone who purchases $70+ items will get free shipping and insurance. (US only, will expire on the 21st) (excludes the misc. lot and resin figures)

Sales here: https://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/15550391.html

I have a lot of rare items with some that are really cheap now.

my next shipping date is on the 27th so payments must be complete before the 22nd so I have time to pack everything.


Pokebox Want!

Hey everyone! I successfully transitioned to my temporary life in Japan, woohoo! But I'm super disappointed because while I was moving, Pokebox had a FOUR DAY pre-order window for some pretty amazing stamps. I don't know why the pre-order window was so short, but in summary, I missed the boat.

If anyone happened to pre-order the Snivy stamp and is willing to part with it, please let me know! I am willing to buy or trade depending on your wants.
(I can try hunting down something on your wants list in Japan that you would otherwise would have trouble obtaining, as long as it's equal in value! Doesn't just have to be Pokémon either, I go to lots of anime cafés, for example!)

Thank you in advance!

Stamps Galore! + wants!

I made a post a while ago looking for some small figures for a pokemon D&D campaign and I found some!

Special thanks to munchlaxregrets for comparing different figures against D&D bases! Although after talking it over with them none of the figures really worked for what I wanted/the price I wanted to pay.

But I've decided on figure/chibi stampers! They fit close to a 1 inch square which is what I needed

I bought 100+ on a lot on ebay and they came in the mail today!

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So many of them!

Now I'm looking for any that you don't see in the picture! Especially looking for things where the evolution line is already started! Looking to find them for around $1-3 each preferably but may pay more especially for lines already started.

Here's a highlighted list of figures I have for better viewing

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What are these stampers?

Hello community!

I got this cute foam stamp in the mail this week and have been struggling to find out much information about it. Does anyone know anything about this stamp series? I surely know that it is Tomy as I have seen similar stampers on Ebay or Mercari in their packaging.

I am particularly wanting to know what year these were released. I believe that it is around 2006-2010 because there are several similar looking stampers with gen 4 Pokémon.
(Also, does the stamper read something like "Happy New Year"? I translated the text and it seems to either be "Happy New Year" or "Congratulations" or maybe a mix of both?)

Update: The best date for the release is 2003, thanks to meroni and their research on the design! :)

If you have any Mareep I would love to know as well, like always! ^^

Thank you!

Mega zukan/figure/shadowless base set charizard TCG auctions

Hello all,

It's been a while - I last used this site five years ago to sell 90% of my collection.

The rest of my collection has moved through 4 houses with me, and as I finish medical school it's time to sell the rest!

I have loads of Gen 1 Zukan and a few hundred figures, mostly Charizard/dragons/snakes. I also have a shadowless base set charizard (unlimited) in excellent condition. There are all sorts in here!

Due to limited time, I am selling in a few auction job lots. 

Auctions will end on Friday March 16th at 19.00 GMT (11.00 PST)

Happy bidding!

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Sales & gets!

Hello everyone! I decided to let some more things go of my collection, so they´re up for sale! Please click the link to see more! Also I got so beautiful customs from our member poliwhirl, I wanna share with you! :D

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Thanks all for looking & have a nice day!
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Collection Weeding Part 1: Stamp Auctions

Hi all :D

While I'm waiting for a few packages to arrive, I've decided to do some collection weeding. I'm not done collecting, but it's time to cut down on a few things. This is just the start of some much needed weeding for my Pokemon collection and non-Pokemon collections. I'm trying to rehome and clear as much as I can before mid/late August, so I'll be hosting auctions and sales periodically until then.

Today, I am auctioning off my Gen. 1 rubber stamps and a few retsuden stamps. My rules and pictures of the stamps can be found in the cuts below ^^

The auction will end Tuesday, July 11, at 8:00 PM EST/Detroit Time.
Countdown timer: >here<

EDIT: The auction is now over! Thank you to everyone for bidding! ^^ I will be giving everyone their totals will soon.
The threads for stamps that do not receive any bids will be frozen, but they will be put up for straight sale.

EDIT 2: All totals have been given. Thank you for your patience!! If I missed you, please let me know!

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Anything from my auctions can be combined with my sales. My Pokemon sales can be found by clicking this link: http://kuro-kage-kun.livejournal.com/5281.html

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

Thank you for taking a look! Best of luck...
( ^ o^) /~ kuro

¡You Can Bid as Soon as the Thread You Want is Up! All Threads are Up! Bid Away!!

EDIT: I have to go to class now, but I'll be posting threads throughout class and when I get back. Thank you for your patience!
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Arti gets (GRAIL!!)

So I got my package in from chespin today, and it contained something I never thought I'd set eyes on: a bell plush.  I think it's safe to say that this plush was my grail for my Articuno collection, and I couldn't be happier!

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Also, the figures that came with this beautiful baby!
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Thank you so much again chespin!!  I'm so happy I picked up these birdies from you <3
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Weeding sales + Gets and grail!

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I last posted so here are some of my most favorite recent gets, two grails included! A big sales update will be below, and some prices have been reduced as well.

The grail is a legit Cyndaquil Pokedoll with its tag!! The charms too! Fortunately the charms went up for sale again recently. The walky Cyndaquil, Mystery Dungeon Cyndaquil and coin are from the amazing peppermmints <3 I never realized the walky Cyndaquil plush actually looks like he's walking before seeing it in person. And the substitute Cyndaquils are too cute.

Touya and Touko Pokemonmate charms. Was finally able to get them!

I think that's about it for big gets, thank you for reading :)

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