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Metagross and Armaldo TFG

Hello again!
Two great big grails:
Armaldo TFG
I’ve loved Armaldo since I was 12.
I’d left Anorith in daycare,
then before the league I took it out and was amazed!
Metagross TFG
Another gen 3 classic, everyone loves Metagross.
Thanks to aarux for selling these to me!
Metagross was glued to a Croconaw base,
had to use a scalpel and pliers to get him off!
Miraculously, he’s unharmed-
but Croconaw’s base is in tiny pieces.
I was so lucky these two popped up here on pkmncollectors!
Beta, Ray, Bill

TFG Collection growing, Mewtwo get!

Hello everyone.
I’ve been having an absolutely unbelievable run of luck with these!
First I found a bunch of loose bases,
then three matching figures for sale all in the last few months, Mewtwo, Armaldo and Metagross!
Mewtwo arrived a few days ago and it’s cool as hell:
I traded my last one away,
it was broken so I was never going to be content with it.
What with all the fakes a few years back,
I didn’t think I’d ever find another authentic one!
If anyone gets any Groundbreakers TFG bases for sale/trade,
let me know!
I don’t need a full set or anything, but I’m grateful for any I can find.

Searching for custom artists, plushies & asking for art trades

Hello everyone! Long time no post! I hope everyone is fine :)

I´m not actively collecting anymore, that´s why I´m so absent here, but I really missed pokemon and this community in my life!
And since I have some money, I feel in the mood to get me something which makes me happy :D

So I´m searching for custom art like plushies and sculptures! If you are a custommaker and open for commissions, please write in the comments. I would love to see your work!

Also I´m searching for the new pokemon fit plushies caterpie, metapod and butterfree. I also really like wigglytuff and clefairy and some others from gen 2. They´re all so cute, so it´s hard to decide lol! Does anybody have these for sale or know where I can buy them for a good price? On ebay they cost around 20$ each which is a bit too much in my opinion :(   I FOUND THEM!

Shipping would be to germany!

I would also love to do an art trade or partial trade! I can offer you commissions for original pokemon aceo cards, colored pencil drawings or bigger watercolor or acrylic paintings :) Examples are under the cut below:
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Thank you all for looking and have a great weekend! :)
Beta, Ray, Bill

Swimming Milotic (Shining) zukan trade

Hello everyone, another figure for my trade post:
21st April 2019

Mewtwo TFG
Sneasel TFG
Armaldo TFG
Any other rare TFG
Arcanine zukan (Pokestudios)

Custom Giovanni TFG
Custom Blaine TFG
Custom Swimming Milotic zukan

Previous trade post:


That’s all folks!
Have a good one.
Beta, Ray, Bill

Pokemon TFG Trading Figure Game Trade request, TFG card get

Hello everyone.
Here’s a trade offer specifically for any TFG completionist:
Blaine and Giovanni custom figures to complete the Gym set.
Do you have any rare doubler figures you’d be willing to trade for these two?
I’m mainly after Mewtwo to be honest...
Almost too ashamed to say that,
I had one years ago and traded it for next to nothing-
then about two weeks ago I got this card:
£7 for a set of Groundbreakers cards!
From the UK!
With free postage!
It’s beautiful and now I want the figure again too.

Officially Starting a Latias collection! And Still Looking for a Trade!

Hello all! So after years of collecting, I think I've decided to actively try to start a Latias collection! So I've been extensively looking through sites like eBay, Mercari, the US PokeCen site, and Y!J for Latias items, and seeing the vast array of Latias items! It's definitely going to be a gradual process, but for now I'm probably going to stick with plushies, charms, figures, cards, and buttons.

As a result, I've added 2 new items to my collection! Pics under the cut~

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Also, I'm still looking to see if someone is willing to trade my Japanese Hau promo card for its English counterpart, the Hau full art trainer card from Guardians Rising! (I do not have sales permission, but I do have over 10 feedback. You can find my feedback page here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/latias_girl/ )

Thanks for reading, have a wonderful day/night!

Some Card Gets! And Possible Trade?

Hello everyone! So I know I haven't been actively collecting cards since around the time I first got into Pokemon, but I do occasionally look into buying some cards that catch my eye every now and then! So I started looking into Pokemon card collecting channels on youtube and kind of semi-reintroduced myself to the current card community (sort of, I still only collect cards that I like and not at all for set completion or for the game itself) and I found out some neat cards that have been released in the years that I hadn't been looking into the cards that have been released!

Also, I have a card that I'd like to perhaps propose a trade with, so see all the details under the cut!

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Thanks for reading and have a nice day/night!

Revamped Sales Page!

Hi Pokémon friends! It’s been sometime, hasn’t it? I hope you’re all doing well <3

I’ve taken completely new photos of my sales, added some new items, and dropped prices on older items!

Please feel free to haggle, and offer me your rowlet, Raikou, and lucario items, too!

I promise I’ll have a gets post soon ^^

My sales can be found here, along with permissions and such:


Thank you everyone~