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offers and sales and trade!

Hey guys! Small collection update today along with some sales and offers :D Added a bunch of Jakks figures, some plush, and other random stuff to my sales post HERE! Under the cut I'll be taking offers on a cute Pikachu/Piplup/Shaymin mug, a Team Rocket Magikarp sub, a Zekrom/Victini/etc mini towel/drawstring pouch set, aaand a goofy little Eevee!

Quick update - I seem to be cheating on Vulpix with Flareon, oops D: This is what an accidental collection looks like. (That big guy in the back is a bootleg version of the Tomy plush, I think.)

More Flares! Found the Jakks guy in an eBay lot C:

aaaaaaaaaa this cutie!! This strap is quite possibly the most dangerous thing in my Vulpix collection. Nobody touch the fire stone, I don't like Ninetales..!!

Deck of cards featuring some Stadium art! I was hoping these would have a Pokemon on every card, but they're only on the face cards. Kind of a .. weird choice of Pokemon, but I love the Eeveelutions as aces! This was the Red/Charizard deck, so I bet a matching Blue and/or Green one exists with the other starters.

Offers!! I'll take offers on these items until Friday or so, 8 PM EST ish C: I ship from the US and will ship anywhere, though it might take me a week or two to have international packages out. All my sales policies and whatnot can be found in my sales post (and I'd be happy to combine shipping!)

How cute is this mug! Pretty good-sized too (Vulpix kid for size ref!) and made of ceramic. Here's a closeup of the Pika picture.
Offers start at $5!

(Back, side, bottom)
This guy is prooobably a bootleg, but I don't remember seeing this particular thing around before, so I figured I'd offer it up for sale anyway! He's a bit larger than a kid, sorta rubbery, and has a few little marks, most notably a blue spot on the back of his tail.
Offers start at $3!

Jakks Team Rocket Magikarp sub! Has a few marks like these, but it seems to have all its pieces. Size ref!
Offers start at $6!

Towel/drawstring bag set! I thiiink this might've been a lottery prize? The bag has Zekrom and Victini/starters on it, and the towel has Reshiram, Zekrom, Victini, and Pikachu. Here's the size info from the back of the box!
Offers start at $5! (I'd be happy to split this up if someone just wants one or the other!)

And finally! Does anyone have an I <3 Eevee Flareon keychain plush? Would you be interested in trading for Umbreon or possibly Glaceon?

Also also, tentative interest check - I'll probably have one or two of those new DX Glaceons and Leafeons available in the next couple weeks - if you'd be interested in buying one from me when they arrive, let me know! They'd probably be $30-40ish each? I can message you once I have them in hand! Thanks for reading :D
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