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pkmncollectors's Journal

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Buy, sell, trade, collect and show-off your Pokémon merchandise. :D


Welcome to pkmncollectors! We are a very close-knit community of members who love to buy, sell, trade, brag, and collect all types of Pokemon merchandise! You may think you are joining just to have access to rare Pokemon goods but beware: you'll probably end up with a hundred new friends instead! Introduce yourself, post pictures of your collection, admire other collections, and have fun!

Remember to read our community rules and guidelines before you join!

Other useful community information:


Want to become a PKMNCollectors Member?? Read Below!

Our community uses a moderated membership system. You must have a LiveJournal account to become a member of the community (we are unable to approve Facebook or Google accounts). Please add some information about yourself on your profile and comment in this post to be promptly approved! We will be unable to approve membership requests without the aforementioned instructions being followed. Thank you!

About Sales Permission:

This is a community, not a garbage dump! You cannot join just to post your items for sale! We have very strict guidelines about who can or cannot conduct sales posts on our community. For more information, follow Scrafty!

Don't forget to view our sister collecting communities!

To find out the stock at Nintendo World or Epcot, please call the stores!

Nintendo World: (646)459-0800
Mitsukoshi (Epcot): (407) 826-8513

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