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(Spring Secret Swap thread) (Pkmncollectors Merchandise Round 2)( Original Contest Thread )

*drumroll please* We have our winners!

We had a total of 127 votes! First place and second were seperated by only one single vote and we had a tie for third, so we ended up with 4 winners. Without further ado here are your Spring Photo Contest winners!

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05 September 2017 @ 09:37 pm

The moderator team would like to thank everyone who informed us about the feedback site being down.

We were aware of it and were working hard to get it back up and running again! Now, it is officially up and running again!

We just wanted to let you guys know that we are NOT ignoring your RAPs. We do see them and we thank you for contacting us through that channel. (:

Please do continue to use that feature and feel free to contact any mods if you have any issues within the community.

Thank you for your patience in this whole ordeal!!

Have a great day! (:
25 February 2017 @ 07:59 pm

February 2017 Modpost


We hope you are all enjoying your weekends. Can you believe we are already nearing the end of February? It's crazy!
This is a very short Modpost coming to address something that we've been noticing quite rapidly on the community.

With the Secret Spring Swap (link) underway, we have been noticing quite a lot of activity in terms of sales, purchases and hunting down those hard-to-find wishes for your partners. This is awesome! This is the type of community interaction that we have been hoping to foster and you are all playing an awesome role in it!

Lately we've been alerted that a large number of members have had their accounts suspended. What does this mean? It's means that their posts are disappearing and you won't be able to contact members the way you normally can.

What to do?

If your account is suspended: Contact livejournal support as they will be best equipped to assist you with your issue.

If your partner for the SSS has their account suspended and you want to find out their wishlist? Contact areica96 through her email, and she will try to get you the information you need promptly.

If there is someone who has bought/sold with you and now they've vanished? Continue with the transaction, as they have probably fallen under this issue and are actively trying to get their credentials back.


Note that it is not the moderators on this platform that have the ability to suspend livejournal accounts, and only livejournal bots themselves can do so. We are as curious as you all are with this matter, but hopefully whatever issue has happened to livejournal, the bugs in their system are soon fixed. Thank you all for continuing to use the Report A Problem to keep us updated on these situations and letting us know. You all make our jobs easier and help us everytime you assist us with this critical information.

We'll be keeping an eye on this thread for the next few days to answer any questions or concerns as best we can. Thanks all!

05 September 2016 @ 03:31 pm
It's been a while hasn't it? No we're not dead, mods have just been busy with real life things! Today we have a few rule reminders as well as a rule modification and two new additions.

Rule Updates
Effective immediately, the 35 day rule has been updated to the 60 day rule. With the change in time PayPal gives to dispute (a whole 180 days) the 35 day rule has become outdated. We have upped it to 60 just so each party has time to contact the seller and/or moderators to fix the situation.

This rule does not effect Group Auctions! - If there is a problem with the time limit on items in a Group Auction please contact your GA runners and moderators immediately.

Rule Additions

PayPal Disputes
We have added a part about PayPal disputes since this has become an issue. If a user has opened a PayPal dispute in relation to a sale made on the community (PM sales do not count as they are not on comm and under sanction of the moderators) without first contacting the seller and then contacting the moderator team we will be placing a temporary ban on that user.

There is absolutely no need to open a dispute before contacting either the seller or the mods. If this happens multiple times we will be handing out permanent bans. Period. PayPal disputes are a very serious deal and should be used as a last resort only if the seller has not kept up with communication.

This also means that buyers need to opt for faster shipping or insurance on their packages. If you are worried about an item getting lost, get a tracking number or insurance!

Sellers, you should all be keeping a record of shipment. This means keep any and all paperwork related to your sales, it can mean the difference between winning and losing a PayPal dispute!

Claims Posts
We have added a rule for sellers regarding claims posts. At this time a member may only have 2 of either claims, GAs or GBs open at any time (not 2 GAs, 2 GBs or 2 claims, 2 combined). Claims that are ongoing are not effected by this new rule. Here is an example of the sort of claims post we are talking about. This is not related to the amount of items you can claim in a GA/GB. Hope that clears up some confusion!

This rule also is for two separate lots. Multiples of the same claims is fine (like in the example linked above).

★ For anyone who hasn't seen yet, feedback is back up! We had an issue with our host but everything should be fixed now

★ Please remember to keep up to 4 pictures outside of cut limits! All the people who live in the boonies with really slow internet will thank you.

★ Leave any other suggestions / questions in the comments below!
06 July 2016 @ 09:59 pm

Hi Comm Members,

We have decided, as a moderation team, that it is in our best interest to inform you of the Canada Post issue that is quickly arising.

As of Tuesday, Canada Post has issued a 72-hour notice to CUPW (Canadian Union of Postal Workers). The notice doesn't necessarily mean that Canada Post will not be operating on Friday July 8th, however please keep reading. It is teaking necessary measures to changing the business. It is doing so by changing the terms & conditions of employment for all employees represented by the union, on Friday.

In the event of a full labour disruption, Canada Post will not operate. Mail & parcels will not be delivered & no new items will be accepted. Parcels in the system will be secured & stored. Once operations resume, those parcels currently in the system will be delivered as quickly as possible.

canadapost.ca/update will have all information regarding updates to this matter.

If you are currently a Canadian selling items, perhaps it is in your best interest to hold off until after Friday (if something happens).
If you have recently purchased something from a Canadian, do not hold this against the seller. Unfortunately there is nothing any of us can really do at this point but wait it out.

Thanks everyone for reading & feel free to discuss!

24 April 2016 @ 12:54 pm

Hi folks,

It has been an ongoing issue that our posting rules are being violated. So we have decided that a quick mod post is appropriate for these issues.

Please refresh yourselves with The Official PKMNCollectors Rules & Guidelines if you have been away for a while, just forget something or are newer to our community.

The biggest rule being broken that we've noticed is:

All un-cut images must be under 500 pixels wide and 500 pixels tall
Otherwise they must be under an LJ cut. Please refer to our LJ cut guide (scroll down a bit) for instructions on how to properly use a cut. If your un-cut images are over 1000 pixels large, please resize the image's canvas size down to 500 pixels or less. That way its file size will also be reduced. Using HTML to shrink an image does not change its file size, so please do not use that unless your picture is under 1000 pixels. This is to reduce computer slowdowns for people with slower Internet speed.
                    Please keep the number of image outside a cut to 4 larger images, use your best judgement. If your post is scrolling for a while there's too many images.

Just keep in mind that some of our community members have slower internet connections, connect via mobile etc. The more images outside of cuts, the larger they are, etc. makes it extremely difficult for some members to enjoy this site.

Thanks for being awesome and have an amazing day!

20 January 2016 @ 09:03 am

Hi Pkmncollectors!

This is just a quick little message from the moderation team!
We implemented this rule on January 4th, and realize that it will take some time to get used to.

Pictures Outside Cuts - We'd like to modify this rule a little bit with the increasing number of veerrryyy loonnnggg posts occurring. At this time we ask you keep the number of pictures outside your cut to 4 and under unless they are reasonably small pictures. As always use your best judgement, this is meant to help members with slower internet connections or bandwidth caps (yes they do exist).

Please try your best to keep updated with the sidebar. Whenever changes occur we try to put the date beside the article. :)
If you see someone breaking this rule above, remember to use the Report A Problem or feel free to let them know (politely of course).

Have a great day all!

13 January 2016 @ 11:24 pm
This is a quick modpost regarding an outage in Live Journal for those in the central US. This is straight from the Known Issues page on LJ.

[Update] A fix has been pushed live for this issue, and has been confirmed to resolve the problem. If you are still experiencing similar problems, please clear your browser's cache as outlined at http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=160, and open a new support request if the problem persists after your cache has been cleared.

Comment pages, update page, site navigation menu, and various other site abnormalities

We've seen quite a few reports today of a variety of issues happening, such as comment pages not loading for some people, the security menu and various other buttons not functioning on the Update Journal page, and parts of the site navigation menu not functioning.

Who is affected?

This is isolated to people in the Central part of the United States. More specifically, if you pull up a map and draw a line from Texas to Minnesota, people close to that line are who are affected. The farther West we've seen people running into this would be in Colorado, and the farthest East is Ohio.

Why is this happening?

LiveJournal uses a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to host static files such as images, videos, javascript files, and stylesheets (CSS). The CDN has servers around the world, and you receive these static files from the server closest to your location. All of the problems are consistent with not receiving these files at all, or receiving a different version of the than is expected (i.e. an older version).

What are you doing to fix it?

We're working on identifying which CDN servers are missing or have an outdated version of the necessary files so the correct version can be added.

If you are currently running or participating in auctions/sales please keep in mind some users may not be able to reply because of this outage. For those who are in this area with auctions running, if there are any issues that arise because you are unable to view your auctions please let the modteam know and we'll try and figure out the best course of action depending on the situation.
04 January 2016 @ 04:28 pm

Its that time of the year again! Here are some rule clarifications and additions, some of which I know need them!

Snip snipCollapse )
14 November 2015 @ 07:22 pm

November Modpost

Hello everyone! It’s been a long time since our last lengthy modpost, so please take a moment out of your busy schedules to read through the newest updates. We’ve been busy working around the clock these past few months, so this will cover quite a few problems we have noticed.

Read more...Collapse )


As per the norm, feel free to discuss any of this in the comment section below. We’ll be in and out all night and tomorrow addressing any questions, concerns, suggestions or comments.
We hope you all have had fantastic weeks, and enjoy the rest of your weekends! ( )

Hello everyone! It's modpost time again, I'm sure you've seen pkmnmod busy at work earlier today moving pages. We've been trying to migrate the rest of the pages hosted offsite to LJ posts, except those that need to be hosted offsite. We also have some changes to chat about as well as reminders and information about the long awaited BANNER CONTEST! So lets get this show started.

HM01 cant evenCollapse )
12 July 2015 @ 08:34 pm
Hello community. Today we're posting some very sad news, the beloved president of Nintendo has passed away. He was responsible for many games at Nintendo, including our wonderful Pokemon franchise. His developer touch went through many of Nintendo's main franchises, including Kirby, Earthbound, Pokemon, The Legend of Zelda, Mario and Animal Crossing.

We lost such a great legend today, as such I would like to keep this post up for the remainder of today and tomorrow as a discussion topic about this man and his great achievements in life. You're more than welcome to chat about the games he made or even post artwork. Please remember to be courteous to others when posting in this thread. 

We're back with another modpost, including rule reminders, upcoming contests and surveys! These posts are here to remind members, new and old, of some of the most commonly broken rules on our community and to give everyone a quick refresher on some of the more niche rules as well. As always you're more than welcome to discuss these rules in the comments.

Group Auction / Group Buy Hosting - Only those who have trade or sales permission are allowed to host GAs and GBs, if you are the one handling payments then you must have sales permission. In order to do claims, spreadsheets and threads you must have at least trade status, which is 10 positive feedback on the community.

'Look What I Made' - These posts are not allowed unless the item you made is part of your collection or is up for auction/sale (in that case sales permission in required). Unless you are showing off a piece you made in your collection (as in immersed in your collection), these posts are better suited for the Poke_Arts community. Your post can not be solely about an item you made for yourself, we ask you to please add it onto a collection update/gets post instead.

Japan Pick-ups - At this time we are no longer allowing any more Japan pick-ups from new sellers who are temporarily staying in Japan. Unless you are permanently relocating to Japan or have the option to pick-up from a place that our current pick-up'ers can not get to (for example airport pick-ups) then the mod team is going to deny your pick-up request. This does not mean you can't sell items from your Japan trips, we highly encourage that, however there are multiple sources for getting Pokemon goods from Japan and at this time we do not feel the need for more pick-ups from people who are simply staying for a few weeks or months as pick-ups create a lot of unneeded stress and time.

Sniping Rule Reminder - We know sniping can be frustrating so this is just a little reminder that the community has an anti-sniping rule in place. If a bid is placed within the last 5 minutes of an auction, the auction will auto extend another 5 minutes from the bid time until no bid is placed. This is to ensure if you are watching the auction you can not be sniped.

Pikachu is bidding on an item that ends at 10:00 PM. He places a bid at 9:56PM, meaning the auto snipe rule is in place. That means the auction will end at 10:05PM unless another bid is placed.

Swablu comes in and places another bid at 10:01, so the auction gets extended again to 10:06.

If you are worried about not being there when an auction ends, place your max bid.

Private Message Transactions - Please remember that the modteam has no control over sales that do not occur on the community, specifically ones via private message or sales on journals that do not have sales permission.

Giveaway Links - Linking to off community giveaways via referral links is not accepted and you will be asked to take the link out of your post.

Random Bans - We've had reports from two users so far of randomly being banned from the community without any contact from the moderators. If this has happened to you, please contact one of the mods asap. LJ for some reason has a bug up its butt and we don't know why!

Upcoming Contest - The modteam have a few contests planned in the upcoming months to keep up with the summer fun! Here's a hint to the first one coming up, featuring a prize from Sunyshore Pokemart!

you see it everyday when you open up the community homepage! (and it's been 3 years since our last one?)

We also have two surveys for you guys to fill out. These responses are anonymous so feel free to leave your full thoughts and opinions. The whole modteam will be going over each response carefully to better improve our community so please answer truthfully! Trust me we can take it (except me, I'll cry like a baby).

Pkmncollectors 2015 Summer Survey

Pkmncollectors Spring Secret Swap Survey

Dory is the coolest person ever except for Areica, she's cooler
09 March 2015 @ 01:57 pm


Attention Pkmncollectors Community:

Due to the overwhelming opinions generated from our latest mod post, we are listening to you, our members and have reworked the following rule:

This is a community about Pokemon merchandise
This is very important for photos. If Pokemon merchandise isn't the central focus of your photos, your post will be considered off topic and will be deleted. "Selfies" -- aren't appropriate for this community -- save them for your other social media sites.


This is a community about Pokemon merchandise
This is very important for photos. If Pokemon merchandise isn't the central focus of your photos, your post will be considered off topic and will be deleted. "Selfies" -- For consideration of other community members please place all photos of yourself with your collection underneath a cut. Some members prefer to only look at Pokemon-related merchandise and not unrelated content. If you have a photo with yourself, please indicate so in the comments or cuts to alert any individuals who may find photos uncomfortable.

The Pkmncollectors Moderation Team maintains this community and is catering to many individual's unique perspectives and viewpoints. We realize that the first rule was strict and made the adjustments as swiftly as possible. However, we would like to emphasize that we are a community of over 5000 and there are many younger members here. Please be respectful with your selfies, as there are younger individuals present. While your definition of modesty might be different than this, this is courtesy to those who have other varying opinions.

The rules are in place to allow everyone the opportunity to have fun, enjoy their collections and keep everyone content. We aspire to keep you all happy and hope that this adjustment can be the best of both worlds :)

Any feedback regarding the change may be discussed below, however all posts will be screened, so only the moderation staff and you can see your responses.

26 January 2015 @ 10:05 pm
Hi everyone! Quick modpost from yours truly! <3


Please remember that sharing community info outside of the community is strictly forbidden.
We do not want to see information being shared about Group Auctions, locked sales posts, etc. They are locked for a reason, and please keep it that way. This is a ban-worthy offense.

Please remember that Auctions are fair game to everyone online.
If another site is hosting a Group Auction for the same lot and there is one here as well, there is nothing we can do. However, if you see information from one GA being shared on another (pointing out a lot is being GAd elsewhere, adding up totals, etc.), please report it to us immediately using the RAP post.

Do not post about personal issues on the community.
This has been happening fairly frequently on the community lately. Please leave personal issues in your personal post. This is to help keep the community drama-free and on-topic to Pokemon collecting.

There is currently a snowstorm hitting the East Coast of the United States; this will cause delays in shipping and communication from fellow members.
Most of the States that are being hit by this storm are currently in State of Emergency, and all travel is being banned. Even if your package is sitting prepared to ship, USPS is not running and nobody can make it to the PO due to safety concerns. Many places are also losing power within the next two days, so please don't fret if someone is taking a while to get back to you.

Keep being awesome members!~
30 December 2014 @ 04:06 pm

Hey all!

I hope everyone's holidays have been a smash!
This is a really short mod post before our official one coming out in approximately a week.

We've noticed a lot of users breaking the following rule:

Do not alter the font of your entire post

You are not allowed to change the color or the size of your text. The only permissible font changes are bold, italics, underline, strikethrough, or a slightly larger text used for a post's title only or some other sort of announcement.

The rules are set in place to allow everyone to enjoy our community and its entirety. Thanks everyone for being awesome and keep a close watch for upcoming events, modposts and other fun things! :)

12 December 2014 @ 02:58 pm

It's that special day of the week again!

Remember everyone - follow the community rules, keep things safe for work, and have lots of off-topic fun!
06 November 2014 @ 08:15 pm
Apologies for the back-to-back modposts, but I am sure everyone is in agreement that this needed to happen ASAP! With the all-too-often-mentioned life events that broke up the modding rhythm, we decided to promote several new moderators instead of just the normal 3-4 amount. Our ~grand plan~ is to 1) immediately cut down on all the "routine" moderating issues, and 2) ultimately divide into small groups with specialties to address certain issues. What does that mean? There will be a few people instead of just one specializing in GA issues so when I move thousands of miles multiple times a year, people aren't hung out to dry. There will be small groups specializing in feedback disputes, sales disputes, and those who continue to focus on the routine things like image sizes, LJ cuts, not linking to auctions, etc.

We hope that having a few people on hand for each "specialty" will also make it easier on individual moderators so that ideas/opinions can be bounced off one another to resolve issues quickly. TL;DR: We're shooting to re-obtain a sense of normalcy, but a better normalcy than ever before!

Anyway. In no particular order:



Please welcome our new staff! As always, please also continue to report issues to the Report a Problem thread, and definitely do not approach new moderators with serious issues right away. Until they get settled, they will be handling the more routine mod duties (mods - expect information in an incoming email from either Gin or me in the next couple of days).

We really appreciate all the applications we got and are regretful that we couldn't choose everyone. We will definitely be maintaining a bigger staff to meet the needs of the community, so future application opportunities will be much more frequent! These choices were based on thorough survey answers, unique approaches to the issues presented, and maintaining a variety of strengths in various modding areas. If you were not selected this time, please know that your dedication is very appreciated and we look forward to future opportunities to work with you!

Comments, questions, etc. are welcome!
03 November 2014 @ 01:32 pm
Anyone interested in applying to be a community moderator should get their applications in ASAP!



We plan on having the new moderators in place by the middle of the month, so please email the following application to pkmnmods (at) gmail.com within the next couple of days. If you plan on submitting one but need additional time, please let us know so we can accommodate you!

General information + questionnaireCollapse )

Again, send the above to pkmnmods (at) gmail.com, and you should get a reply shortly that we received it. We will not be replying again to say yes or no, we will just post the final outcome to the community. If you don't get the job, please understand many people will apply and this will be discussed by many mods and members together before we pick somebody.
17 October 2014 @ 01:40 pm
You all know the drill! It is Friday!!!


Be nice! Play fair! Post within the community rules, and no trolling/harassing, advertising or drama. Also please keep it safe for work. Other than that, have at it! Yay for Friday!!!
AND TODAY IS THAT DAY. As many have kindly mentioned, not-so-kindly mentioned, and kept to themselves even though they were probably thinking it, we are in need of more moderators for the community. With more than half our staff undergoing huge life-changes at once, in a couple of situations requiring a community hiatus altogether, the workload has definitely gotten overwhelming! With a full staff the time-demand is much smaller for everyone, so let's hop to it!

The application is the same provided by Gin a couple of years ago - since I barely have the time to fix what is broken, I am sure not in a position to fix what isn't! (self-deprecating humor? no? too early? anyway....)


General information + questionnaireCollapse )

Again, send the above to pkmnmods (at) gmail.com, and you should get a reply shortly that we received it. We will not be replying again to say yes or no, we will just post the final outcome to the community. If you don't get the job, please understand many people will apply and this will be discussed by many mods and members together before we pick somebody.

We'd like to get some new mods settled by mid-November, so please try to have your application in by November 1st. Just let us know if you think you'll be late but still wish to apply.

I appreciate everyone who goes through the work to fill this out, and hope that even if you are not picked, you will continue to speak up about your ideas and use them to help improve the community for everyone!
05 October 2014 @ 09:58 pm

I know it hasn't been that long since we've had one of these but I would like to reiterate a few points to all of you lovely members!

Please use the RAP post!
I can not stress this enough, use, use, use this post. Sometimes we may not get back to you as quickly as we'd like but it at least gives us an idea of what's going on and can put a date on something. Do not wait until a Paypal dispute needs to be opened to report a problem to us. The mods have been trying our best to get to you in a timely manner but real life happens. If it's been a few days and the matter is pressing please comment again. This is probably a better way to get in touch with us, as all of our mod team will see it.

Paypal disputes are a Last Resort!
A Paypal dispute is not to be taken lightly. Please only use this if the 45 day rule is approaching and you are not in contact with your seller or you have not received your items and proof of shipping has not been given to you. A dispute will freeze the account of the person and should only be used as a very last resort when trying to solve issues.

Bootlegs should not be the main focus of your post!
If the contents of your post is solely about a bootleg you've acquired (not asking about them but showing off) it will be deleted. You are welcome to have them in your collection or show pictures of them along with other updates, but if it's solely about just that then it will be deleted asap.

Youtube videos behind cuts!
It's been brought up that for some members youtube videos outside of cuts are slowing the main page waaayyyyy down. This has not become an official rule but as a courtesy to us members with slower internet we ask that you please put your videos behind a cut!

Please keep all ORAS information in the designated threads or the FFAF post!
With ORAS coming in about a month I know we are all excited, but some people are trying to stay as spoiler free as possible. Also any news that is not merchandise related is off topic and will be deleted! Please wait for a moderator to post about any major announcements. If it's been a day since the announcement and no thread is up, send me a message and I'll get it up asap!

Also a little teaser for the projects we're working on! Member Shop Master List reworked, new ORAS spreadsheet, a Convention List and hopefully some fun contests for the holidays.
21 September 2014 @ 06:02 pm
hai guiz

Apologies for my several-month-long hiatus! As many noticed, the mods basically had many life-changing events come up at once, so we were severely short-staffed for a while and are trying to get back into a rhythm now. Thank you so much to everyone who's been doing their part to keep the community running smoothly!

Before diving in to the typical reminders/clarifications, I'm going to address what has been of chief concern to many members:

✰Sales permission✰

All applicants since June have been waiting far too long. We know this, and we are very sorry. Only certain mods handle sales permission at the moment while others are still gaining experience and such, so this delay was a result of the aforementioned life events, not a lack of caring. If you still would like to make snarky comments about wait times after being approved, consider doing so here or in the Report a Problem thread to avoid unnecessary negativity in your first sales posts since most buyers will have had nothing to do with it.

● I processed about a page of applications the other day and will knock out more in the next 1-2 days. They need a little bit of space not to be irritating, but because an influx of that many sales posts would make buyers' eyes glaze over at the sheer quantity and likely result in fewer transactions.

● For the sake of transparency, here's the short version of how sales permission applications are processed:

1) Upon the application submission, mods check to make sure minimum requirements are met (participation and/or feedback). If they are not, the application will not be considered for the next couple of months, as discussed here.

2) If the requirements are met, the applicant's posts/demeanor/transactions/etc. are observed for the next 2-4 weeks. This is to make sure the person doesn't drink any Mr. Hyde potion after completing the application.

3) The mod then will read through all feedback to make sure there are no off-community "bought from" or "traded with" transactions (SEE BELOW) that the applicant is trying to use toward sales permission. Then, posts will be skimmed to ensure the applicant has a general sense of community etiquette.

4) Then approval is given, or a request to reapply later with an explanation.


Community feedback is only for transactions that occur within the community. This means that if you trade before you have 10 community feedback or you sell before you have sales permission through private messages or what have you, it does not count toward your community feedback. It is purely an off-community transaction, and literally all it does is create more work because then we have to login to the feedback admin and delete it.

Previously, illegitimate feedback was ignored during the sales application process, but it's become pretty rampant as of late. As of today, any sales permission applicants with feedback for private transactions on the pkmncollectors feedback site will experience delays with approval. This is because I am now going to make sure to delete said feedback before sales permission is granted, and I'm not going to break away to do that ASAP when I'm in application-processing mode. Feedback deleting is strictly for feedback-deleting mode.

If you accidentally leave/receive feedback for an off-community transaction, let us know ASAP in the Report a Problem before it holds anything up.

EDIT: Leave feedback if someone asks you to! Particularly if a buyer or GA participant is asking for feedback, s/he is likely trying to build their reputation/apply for sales permission. If you very easily got everyone to leave you feedback to help you with sales permission, share the joy! If it was difficult for you, vow to be a good feedback-leaver despite those before you who could not do the same! Either way, please be courteous.

If a buyer/GA participant was less than stellar but you do not want to leave a neutral for whatever reason, tell them you don't feel comfortable leaving feedback for that transaction because they're new/still learning/etc. and give advice on improvements.

✰Japan-based middlemen✰

It is against the rules to ask community members in Japan to do favors for you. This includes making store runs, getting you stuff from the grocery store, getting you stuff from 7-11, performing as a deputy service, ETC. ETC. There are no exceptions to this. Those who wish to perform these services (and it is a service, so expect to pay a commission) will advertise of their own accord.

✰Paypal disputes✰

Did you send anyone money on or before August 17 and are still waiting on the merchandise? Ask them where your stuff is, and if you do not receive tracking info or the item within the next few days, open a paypal dispute.

● Escalate your paypal dispute to a claim within those 10 days that paypal affords you if you still have not received the item.

Never close your dispute/claim until you receive the item/tracking information! There are no exceptions to this, at all, ever.

● In cases where a GA host/seller has something awful happen and they need more time, s/he must issue out temporary refunds! This involves refunding everyone's money, little by little, over the course of a few days and having everyone re-send payment as a new transaction immediately. This prevents the host/seller from being stuck with a ton of disputes when s/he still plans on following through and protects the buyer's finances. Talk to a mod before doing this.

✰Use the Report a Problem thread✰

● Please let us know at the start of when you notice an issue arising so we can do more to prevent it from escalating/find agreeable solutions for everyone. For example, by the time we receive reports about GA hosts disappearing, it's usually after the dispute limit for the first (and most expensive) payment has already elapsed. :(

Avoid arguing with fellow community members! There is no reason for this. These are people who share your hobby, who can help you find grails, who can help you host awesome group auctions. Don't cause yourself unnecessary upset by engaging someone if s/he says something to offend you. Instead, report it. Respectful, on-topic debate is never discouraged, but please try to step away and let us know instead at the point where anything is starting to feel insulting.
♦ ♦ ♦
That's enough text for today! As always, feel free to comment below with any comments/questions/concerns you may have, or with anything you'd like to see addressed in the next modpost.

One thing we are excited to announce is the upcoming acknowledgement of our community's Top 10 Monthly Commentators, so stay tuned! Or whatever the internet version of staying tuned is.
10 August 2014 @ 05:30 pm
Hello everyone! I hope you're having a wonderful summer. I'm here to give a reminder to all of you about some of our more commonly broken rules (and I made it all pretty to help you guys remember). Even veteran members make mistakes, don't feel worried if you're contacted by a mod about something! We don't bite, I promise.

Onto the rules!Collapse )
08 July 2014 @ 12:50 pm
Hey comrades!!

Just a quick mod note: please welcome pokemontrader as our newest moderator! His contact info will be up on our mod page shortly, but for now, if he comments to get your posts fixed up or following the rules, now you know why! :D He is always attentive to the community and very well versed in even our most annoying little detailed rules.

Thanks everyone!
09 June 2014 @ 02:06 pm
Hi comrades!!!

Long time no mod post from me. Actually, as members who've checked the mod info lately know, I have not been an active moderator for some time now, but today I am returning to that job to do some cleaning up and some feedback request!

First of all, PLEASE remember the first rule of this community is that it is a collecting community, not a game news community!. Please do not post random Pokemon game news here. We have let the last few go because we as mods did not put up the discussion posts ourselves, and we want everyone to enjoy, but the next time Corocoro leaks/some kind of big news comes out (especially about ORAS), one of us will make an official discussion post AND sticky it to the top for a few days. We WILL have to delete any other off topic (not collection related) posts.

SALES PERMISSION! We know it is pretty backed up right now, and we are sorry about that! But, your patience will pay off and we hope to get through all of the sales permission requests in the next day.

MODERATOR REPLIES! We know have also been a bit slow. We apologize if you've emailed one of us and have not yet gotten a reply, or response time has been slow. Despite the community mostly being very calm and peaceful this year, all three actively working mods all had major life changes occur all at the same time, and thus, the backup. As these life changes are almost sorted, things should be back to normal response time soon. Again, we thank you so much for your patience!!

The ONLY reason the community has not completely gone to chaos while the mods have been so busy is because you guys are awesome. You follow rules, solve your own problems, act responsibly and maturely and in general, are the best. Naturally there are some troublemakers, and we'll try to help out when trouble comes up, as it's what we are here to do!, but overall you guys are all wonderful.

So in summary, keep posts on topic for me, and we slow mods apologize for slowness and hope to get everything back on track soon. Let me know if you have some other concerns or want to talk about anything, and I will try to help out.

PS... GA rules are now totally up to date!. Thank you to allinia for checking them over and getting them updated!
07 April 2014 @ 03:34 pm

PKMNCollectors, in light of how many of you use this shop and that it is run by some members of this community, I felt it important enough to post here that you should NEVER buy from this shop and immediately open a dispute with paypal if you have any pending orders.

PokedollUSA has been stealing from and ripping off customers since February, and the owner, pokabubu, has opted to keep customers' money, not reply to their inquiries, and was also caught deleting negative comments left about the situation. You can see examples of some of the complaints on the link above. Currently, the site is STILL OPEN and is STILL TAKING MONEY FOR GOODS and unknowing customers are buying from them without seeing the complaints on Facebook. Thanks to a responsible person with admin access the site luckily HAS been closed for orders.

In the future, instead of a shop with a shady offer of having items shipped from Japan to themselves and then to the customer, I recommend using services that send customers their items directly from Japan without this middle step. Long-standing, reputable shops like Pokevault offer professional, fast service and a huge variety of stock, and using deputy services you can buy items yourself right off Yahoo!Japan, Amazon Japan and Rakuten, to name a few. Please avoid shops like PokedollUSA that add in a pointless extra shipping step and extra weeks of waiting for your items, when there are much easier and more trustworthy ways.

Until next time, and good luck to all involved.

(Note: Please only comment if you have information, a testimonial or something else helpful, comments made simply to slander the user/shop or gossip about this topic are not necessary. Thank you.)
03 December 2013 @ 10:54 am
Calling all PKMNCollectors!!  Please gather around and check out this month's modpost :D

Modposts serve as helpful reminders and rule clarifications -- if anything mentioned below seems totally unfamiliar please head over to our Rules and Guidelines to make sure you're totally up to date :)

First off, if you've been over to our Mod Contact Page recently, you may have noticed that dewott and godudette have stepped down from their moderator positions. godudette will still be helping out with community events and organization as needed, but please do not contact either of them with your community problems.  Thank you both for your hard work!

Our newer moderators should also not be contacted with your community disputes or issues -- right now they are helping out with off-topic and rule breaking posts, as well as other behavior that is clearly outlined in the rules, but anything more serious should be addressed to denkimouse, entirelycliched, or myself (allinia), or posted in the Report a Problem post where one of the three of us can help you out!

Now for some reminders and clarifications:

Our Feedback System is for PKMNCollectors Transactions Only: The PKMNCollectors Feedback System can only be used for transactions posted or advertised through the community.  As a result, members without sales permission cannot receive PKMNcollectors sellers feedback for any private transactions done off-community.  Members who prefer to host their sales on their own LJ/eBay/Etsy/etc. may of course continue to receive feedback for their Pokemon sales as long as they advertise those sales on the community.  If you are unsure whether a sale counts as a community transaction or not, just ask!

Off-Community Sales Must Stay Off-Community: Going along with the above point, any non-community transaction must actually stay off the community.  Members cannot hint at their eBay/DA/Etsy/etc. sales or encourage private PMs if they do not have sales permission. Please understand this is not meant as a punishment -- obtaining sales permission is intentionally a long process and we know that it can be frustrating at times -- but allowing advertisements, however subtle, defeats the purpose of sales permission entirely.

In short, there's nothing wrong with buying and selling off-community, but those transactions must actually stay off the community and feedback system.

Sellers Cannot Negate Community Rules With Their Own Rules: Our PKMNCollectors rules apply to all sales advertised on the community and sellers cannot evade these rules in their own sales conditions.  We specifically want to remind sellers that they are always required to provide shipping proof in the case of lost packages -- including a policy such as "I am not responsible for lost mail" is not a way to get around this rule.  We encourage sellers to add their own policies to their sales, as our rules are only meant to be the bare minimum, but seller rules can never conflict with the community rules.

  • As a reminder, sellers should always state their rules on quotes and buyer's priority to an item!  Priorities are the one exception where sellers can opt not to follow the standard community rule.  Sellers are free to handle priorities however they wish, but their rule must be clearly stated or the community default rule will go into effect.

  • To ensure that new sellers are in compliance with community rules, members have now been required to include a copy of their tentative sales rules with their sales permission applications.  For a refresher on our new sales permission rules, please refer to this past modpost.

  • Buyers should always read seller's rules carefully before making a purchase!  Just like on any other online marketplace, policies will vary from seller to seller, so please be sure you completely read everything before entering into a transaction.

Thanks for reading, and as always, please feel free to comment with any questions, concerns, or suggestions for future modposts ♥
28 September 2013 @ 02:52 pm

This spring, we recently updated our rules about images. For a long time, we have had the rule that images should be no larger than 500 x 500 pixels if they are outside of a cut. This way, they fit easily on the community page. However, we have also added that images cannot be bigger than 1000 x 1000 pixels overall if they are outside of a cut. Some people resize their images to less than 500 x 500 and then upload them, but others upload them and then shrink them to 500 x 500 via HTML. (If your picture is big on your computer and you do not cut it down, when you upload it, it will still be just as big, even if it looks small.) These images might look like they are small, but computers actually have to load the file size of the big image, which can sometimes be around 2MB or more. This can really slow down computers and Internet connections that are already slow and can make the front page hard for members to load.

There are many different ways to resize images. For example, on a Mac, you just open the picture in Preview, go to Tools, and choose Adjust Size. I think you can do something similar to this on a PC as well. You can also upload your picture using http://tinypic.com/ and choose one of their smaller sizes. There are other sites that will allow you to do this as well, such as http://www.online-image-editor.com/. If you are unable to resize a picture or would prefer not to, you can always stick it under a cut.

I also wanted to address our 35 day rule. We strongly suggest that, if you have sent a payment and have not received proof of shipping within 35 days of your payment date that you file a dispute with PayPal. Opening a dispute can get an unresponsive seller’s attention. It also does not immediately take funds from the seller. You have 10 days after opening a dispute to escalate it to a claim. You can always cancel a dispute, but you will no longer be able to file one if it’s been more than 45 days since you sent payment. Here is a tutorial written by entirelycliched about how to file a dispute: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/12441015.html

“It's worth noting that you CAN email/call Paypal with extenuating circumstances. If a GA host peaces out, for example, we have helped people recuperate funds because PayPal got many complaints about one person. It just takes so much more work that way.” -entirelycliched

Also, if you are in a GA or GB and the terms of the GA or GB change, you do not have to stay committed to the item. Examples of something changing would be:

  • The price per item in a GB turns out to be higher than stated

  • During bidding, the condition of an item or items is discovered to be worse than initially described. (This can happen if hosts didn't post all of the pictures or description or if the description was not translated correctly at first.)

Basically, participants cannot be held to commitments automatically that they made with completely different information than what's actually true. Hosts are required to notify all participants of any changes that may come about during a GA or GB.

If you have any questions or concerns, please comment here. :)

Edited to add another link for image resizing courtesy of winter_snowdust. Thank you! :)
Hello! Today I bring you a some announcements and a couple of reminders!

► First up, we now ask that anyone who wishes to join this community comment here with their short introduction. Comments will be screened automatically for privacy, and this will afford us one preventative measure against those attempting to ban-hop. It is very, very rare for anyone to be banned from the community, and those who have been banned must rejoin through the proper channels (by contacting Gin and fixing whatever resulted in the banning to begin with) rather than simply assume a new identity.

Our nifty (hopefully?) banner will guide you to the correct post to do this!

► Second! Current and future sales permission applicants will be asked to either comment with or link to their draft of tentative sales policies. Occasionally, strange sales stipulations that are not quite in compliance with the community's rules will pop up, and it can be very messy to ask a seller to make changes after it may have already affected dozens of potential buyers.

NOTE: You must meet the minimum sales permission requirements (outlined here!) to be considered.

In the past, applicants that were close to meeting the requirements were asked to comment back when they either posted enough or acquired enough feedback, but we cannot offer that leeway anymore because all it does is punish members who read/demonstrate that they care about guidelines by making them wait longer. Anyone who applies without the minimum requirements being met will experience significant (2 or 3 months +) delays in their application being approved.

This applies to the minimum requirements only. If you've gotten some less-than-stellar feedback or are worried because you may have been in some sticky situations at some point, there will be no delay for trying. If you don't meet the minimum requirements but would like any kind of guidance from moderators (only reason I can think of to prematurely apply), please contact us with any questions you may have!

► Last! We're currently trying to develop better systems to monitor the progress/development of group auctions/group buys, but until we are able to come up with a solution we will continue to need help from members in terms of reporting anything that doesn't seem right. Links to completed purchases, copies of the invoice, and total breakdowns are all required to be provided by GA hosts when payment is collected. If you are not given one as a participant, either ask the GA host or contact me if you do not feel comfortable asking them directly before sending any payment.

I need to be alerted as soon as possible if you do not get your GA/GB item (or proof it was shipped) within 35 days of when you sent the first payment. Please do not assume I am getting swamped with alerts - I very rarely am ever informed of shipping delays before the Paypal dispute time limit expires. I would much rather get 8000 emails over one issue than not be aware of it at all.

One of our lovely new mods will be making a modpost relatively soon with other helpful community information, but in the interim, please let us know if you have any thoughts, questions, opinions, or concerns about anything here!
06 August 2013 @ 08:48 am

[ Official Rules & Guidelines | Community Feedback | Group Auctions | Sales Permission | Wall of Shame ]

PKMNCollectors Wall of Shame
The point of the game is not to appear on this page in any form whatsoever.

LAST UPDATED: MAY 16, 2018 by skdarkdragon. Added sales permission ban for absol.
Original Wall of Shame (VOID).

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20 July 2013 @ 05:36 pm
Hello Pokemon Collecting community! This is moderator godudette typing to you from our brand-new shared PKMNCollectors moderator account!

In order to keep all of our most important community posts as up-to-date as possible, the moderating team has decided to create a shared account for all of the current community moderators. This account will be used to make all important posts to the community that need to be consistently updated, such as our Rules and Guidelines, Wall of Shame, Moderator Contact Info, Member Site & Shop Directories and many more.

Within the next few weeks, all of these posts will be reposted and repinned by the new pkmnmod account. Many members have requested that posts be updated more often, and the moderating team believes that this new shared account will be a huge improvement to maintaining these posts. Please be patient with us as we continue to re-post these existing posts onto the community with our new moderator username!

Two Important Notes:
- Although this account will be used by all moderators, please do not message pkmnmod at any time with any issues. Please continue to use our existing Report A Problem and Suggestion Box posts for any concerns or comments.

- All moderators are required to state their username on any pkmnmod post to maintain integrity among the team. If you want to know which moderator last updated any pkmnmod post, please look at the beginning of the entry!
06 June 2013 @ 09:28 pm

Greetings! As some of you may have noticed, LJ recently tinkered with their site so that what was previously a benign screen name link (such as "denkimouse" instead of "denkimouse") actually tags the member in question and sends them an email notification. This is imperative to take into account when making any kind of report to the Report a Problem post since it does not matter at all that the comments are screened—the member in question will still be notified via email.

Do not use the LJ tag when referencing someone in the Report a Problem post! Just typing their LJ name alone is okay.

If you were reported... do not fret or take it personally! For "non-serious" issues like image sizing, off-topic posts, etc., members are just trying to make sure moderators are tracking what's going on. Even if you are already working on resolving the issue, moderators are there to monitor that progress (sometimes with things like LJ cuts, extensive assistance is required).

Nobody gets in trouble or receives any kind of strike against them for innocent mistakes. If an innocent mistake of yours was reported, it would be for reference purposes only. On extremely rare occasions (not even once a year, but it does happen) we will have members "forget" repeatedly that they've already been told 349683096903690386 times to not break minor rules, and those kinds of things need to be addressed more seriously. So reporting minor infractions is not intended to get anyone in trouble—it just makes it easier for everyone to give each other the benefit of the doubt in terms of ensuring rule infractions don't become intentional.

Nobody automatically gets in trouble, period, just for being reported. If you were reported for a "serious" issue (usually one involving money), it is just because the other member would like to resolve the situation with you and needs assistance doing so. Every single report we ever receive is always just the member wanting a resolution to be reached that makes everyone happy, and that's what we will communicate with you to try to do!

TL;DR: RAP posts are not personal... there is no reason to ever be offended or think someone does not like you just because they use it.
10 May 2013 @ 03:34 pm
The INFO TAG is for Merchandise Info only. Meaning merchandise news, upcoming releases, stuff newly found, etc etc. Please 1) Check this tag before posting merchandise news to see if someone else already did, and 2) DO NOT use the info tag for your personal posts about your collection, that is not the purpose!

Sorry for the sticky -- but I have deleted the info tag from too many personal posts, and we've had a ton of repeated posts this week. I'll get rid of this sticky over the weekend.
26 April 2013 @ 01:41 pm
Hello community! It is a lovely spring day, and this is Part 1 of 2 modposts I will be making with some major rule changes/additions based on survey results and community feedback! Part 2 will include THE NEW MOD SELECTIONS and all the well-defined roles of each moderator. I received forty moderator applications, so it is taking me a little time to sort them out, but I hope to have the new mods picked and sorted before mid-may.

For now, enjoy Part 1, which I think has some really amazing new rule additions that will help the community run much more smoothly without being overly confusing. Maybe that is a tad too optimistic? Weigh in with your opinions in comments!


Finally, thanks to godudette we have a lovely breakdown of responses to the survey! Thank you to ALL who replied!

Survey Results Breakdown!Collapse )

Are you happy with this first response to the survey results? Have any more suggestions? Want to disagree? Go ahead and comment!

Thank you, comrades, for making the community a better place for all! PS: This sticky will expire sometime over the weekend.
31 March 2013 @ 09:18 pm
It's about time! Apologies to everyone who has been waiting for this post - there were a lot of scheduling conflicts that made coordination very difficult for those of us who were working on these updates, and I was definitely not as proactive as I should have been.

These will be added to the GA/GB rules page in the next few days as time permits (keep all those moderator applications coming!), but for now, all of the following are in effect and apply to all GA/GBs, both present and future:

★ Deputy fees will now be divided proportionately based on winning bid price. Since those with higher bids get larger discounts, it just makes sense for those with higher bids to pay a larger percentage of the fees. This means that the GA calculator can be used to calculate totals regardless of whether or not discounts applied, as it is based off proportions. Domestic shipping (from the YJ seller to the deputy) charges should be removed from the total prior to making the calculations, though, as they are divided evenly by participant. Customs charges incurred must also be divided proportionately.

★ Group Buys can ONLY be used for lots containing items of identical value or lots capable of being easily divided into two categorical values (e.g., "rares" are $10 and "non-rares" are $5). Otherwise, Group Auctions must be used to prevent travesties with claim price assignment. Exceptions to this will be made on a case-by-case basis with prior moderator approval.

★ Any visible items that received no bids must be made available to the community prior to collecting the international shipping payment (announcing available claims at the time Payment 1 is collected is ideal). GA "extras" will be offered to members of the community at the auction's start price (no GA discounts will be applied) + shipping from the GA/GB host to the person who claimed the item. The host will apply any funds raised from claims directly to Payment 2/the international shipping charge. Members who claim extras do not pay a portion of international shipping because their claims are being used to "discount" international shipping for everyone else.

For example: A GA has three unclaimed items that had a start price of $5. The international shipping invoice is $100. Two of those items are claimed by community members, so a total of $10 is deducted from the $100, making it $90. The $90 is then divided appropriately (size/weight taken into account as applicable) by the items originally won by participants. The unclaimed item is then handled at the hosts' discretion.

Other example: If you are interested in an item available for claims, once the host confirms your claim you will send the after-fee start price of the item to the GA/GB host. You will not pay any portion of the international shipping (your funds already went toward that invoice to lower everyone's portion), but will instead just wait for the "final shipping" totals to be calculated. Your total monetary obligation is the starting bid price and whatever it costs the host to ship the item directly to you.

Since any claims will save participants money, there is no need to limit claims to original participants. GA hosts are also free to make these claims themselves and deduct the amount in the same manner, of course. Point of discussion: How should extras be handled in terms of international shipping for lots on ebay that don't require deputy services?

Additional Information:

★ When collecting payment, you must list all the relevant information along with everyone's totals! Participants and moderators have to readily be able to verify your math based on information provided. At a minimum, you must include:

■ participants' items won/winning bid totals

■ actual totals after fees or discounts are implemented

■ shipping prices per item and customs fees per item (if applicable)

For lots involving deputies, domestic shipping totals will be divided evenly by participant, and international shipping totals well be divided by item, taking sizing into account as necessary. Auction totals and shipping payments can be taken as one to save on Paypal transactions, but the information must be discernible.

★ Screenshots of all invoices must be provided when collecting payment! This is not a new rule, but many hosts have been forgetting recently. Screenshots are needed for both auction and shipping invoices. Invoices for custom charges must also be shown to the community, obviously with personal information blacked out.

★ There is no need for a separate status update post for a GA/GB! Please update your original post/your reminder post with whether the GA was won or lost.

★ Everything distinguishable in a GA lot must have threads! It can discourage participants from bidding if there are not even threads made for items, and bluntly, making threads is one of the simplest aspects of hosting, albeit occasionally time consuming. Hosts don't have to be able to tell exactly what something is in order to create a thread for it - something like "Buizel figure" works fine.


Like these? Hate them? Please speak up All rules are continuous works in progress. Sometimes, changes to rules designed to fix existing problems can make new ones pop up, so all opinions and insights are always very appreciated.

edit: I'm responding to things as soon as I can! Sometimes the calculation questions will take a bit longer to get to, but I won't forget anyone. :) Also, if anyone understands this stuff pretty well and would like to make guides for various deputies, you're more than welcome to!
29 March 2013 @ 11:00 am

Your time has come. You can apply for the job starting today!
Information and Application!Collapse )


A general survey about community moderators and the comm in general! If you are interested in submitting your opinion to help better the community, please have a look!
Community Survey!!Collapse )

This sticky will expire in one week. Sorry to sticky haters, we need mod applications and opinions pretty badly! Thank you for reading and participating, my comrades!

EDIT: Wow!! This post is hoppipin'!! Please keep reporting your ideas and feelings! I think once this post cools down and everyone with an opinion has gotten it out, maybe I can work on a new modpost with a list of changes we might make based on the input I am getting here. So keep it up!! Thank you all so much!

EDIT AGAIN: I am reading every single reply even if I am not able to reply to every single one personally. But over the next few days I will be working on it. Thank you all!